Weddings at Our Luxury Guesthouse

Park Hyatt Kyoto is located in Higashiyama and is a magical place that can make the wedding you've always dreamed of a reality. Our staff will spare no efforts to ensure we deliver a special Kyoto memory you'll never forget.
wedding entokuin
wedding corridor
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A special wedding hall venue is available at our luxury guest house for wedding ceremony and reception event use.



Private Consultations

Come and visit our spacious and elegant hotel, see picturesque photo spots overlooking the Kyoto cityscape for yourself, and discuss your ideal ceremony with our wedding planner.

[March Dates]

4th (Sat.) & 5th (Sun.)
11th (Sat) & 12th (Sun)
18th (Sat) & 19th (Sun)
21st (Tue. Holiday)
25th (Sat) & 26th (Sun)

Two sessions each day starting at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

If you are unable to visit us in person, online consultations are also available. Please inquire via phone or email.


Plans / Options

Three different wedding plans and option packages are available at Park Hyatt Kyoto.

Cuisine / Cake

We offer tailor-made menus to suit requests from each customer.


With elegance and refinement as core concepts throughout the interior and menu, we provide special memories in Kyoto you'll never forget.


Photos of luxury guest house weddings are available for viewing.



Komorebi Wedding Plan

Our "Komorebi" ball room is a place to spend a comfortable time with your guests, and is reminiscent of a mansion hall. Use our luxury guest house as you please with this wedding plan. Available for just one couple per day. Invite up to 80 guests.

Plan Content

・Western-style course menu
・Free-flowing drinks, including champagne for a toast
・Wedding cake
・Reception venue and waiting room fees
・Lighting and sound equipment fees (background music operator included
・Screen and projector
・Decorative flowers for the venue

Special Bonuses

・Standard room (45 ㎡) for two nights and three days (night before and night of the ceremony, breakfast included)
・Cocktail and canape for guests prior to your reception
・One-year anniversary dinner invitation


Yasaka Wedding Plan

Make your luxury small wedding dream come true with "Yasaka." Enjoy breathtaking Kyoto sights such as Yasaka Pagoda, the blend of tradition and formality, and innovative teppan cuisine with the influence of French techniques. Invite up to 16 guests.


Plan Content

・Special "Yasaka" course lunch
・Wine pairing, champagne for a toast
・Exclusive terrace rental fees for Yasaka and our Kohaku bar
・Waiting room fees

Special Bonuses

・Standard room (45 ㎡) for two nights and three days (night before and night of the ceremony, breakfast included)
・Cocktails and canapes for your guests at Kohaku


Photo Wedding Plan

Upgraded photo wedding plan which includes beautiful photography of your special day, dinner, and a stay at our hotel.

Plan Content

・Standard room (45 ㎡) stay
・Dinner at our signature restaurant "Yasaka"
・Formal attire
・Hair and makeup
・Photography (data delivery)

Photography Schedule
(example: two night three day stay)

1st day:  Arrive at Park Hyatt Kyoto
       Check in (from 3:00 p.m.)
       Final meeting

2nd day: Breakfast
      Start of preparations
      Start of photography
      Completion of photography, changing clothes
       Dinner at Yasaka

3rd day: Breakfast
      Check out (by 12:00 p.m.)



Terrace Wedding Overlooking Yasaka Pagoda.

Enjoy your special time with the sights of Kyoto's cityscape spread out before your eyes.

Pagoda House

Pagoda House is our signature suite which provides a space with a sense of privacy. Can be used for a relaxing cocktail reception with your family prior to dinner.

Traditional Temple Ceremony

With careful consideration for customers' requests, we will make your ideal wedding a reality. Through coordination with wedding planners and various partners, we offer a wide range of services such as temple wedding ceremonies.



With the ancient Japanese concept of "24 Sekki," which divides the year into 24 different seasonal periods, we source fresh ingredients from all over Japan for our dishes. Our motto is "thoughtfully sourced, carefully served," and our chefs put their abundant international experience to work with this mindset, delivering meal experiences that make a lasting impression.

Wedding menus can be tailor-made based on customer's requests.


We provide one-of-a-kind wedding cakes for each ceremony. Please contact us with your requests. ​


At Park Hyatt Kyoto, our florist, "You Kaen," combines abundant experience and knowledge with a highly-refined aesthetic sense
to create decorative flower arrangements for your wedding venue with elegance, sophistication, and a sense of the season.
miyabi flower
miyabi table
miyabi dress


The reception flower arrangements have an elegant concept and give grace and luster to the venue during your event. Please come to our peaceful and tranquil space in Kyoto, the cultural and historical center of Japan, and experience a rich and refined special time with a sense of the flow of seasons.

senrei flower
senrei table
senrei dress


The reception flower arrangements have a sophisticated concept and give a sense of refinement and beauty to the venue during your event. Please come to our peaceful and tranquil space for a special time in Kyoto, Japan, a city with richly expressive seasons.

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