Hyatt Regency Kyoto's SDGs Initiatives

Caring for the planet is a natural extension of Hyatt’s purpose – to care for people so they can be their best. At Hyatt Regency Kyoto, we are taking a number of steps to help make a difference.

Caring For The Environment


Considerations for the enviroment

Reducing Plastic Waste

  • Plastic straws are no longer used and have been replaced with paper straws.
  • For take-out products we eliminated plastic cutlery and have replaced them with wooden cutlery (with some exceptions).
  • Plastic water bottles in guest rooms have been replaced with aluminum bottled water.
  • Dry cleaning and laundry items are returned without plastic covers.

    * About our plastic reduction Hyatt Regency Kyoto supports plastic reduction and is planning to streamline and reduce the use of products that contain plastic.

Energy and Resource Conservation

  • We use Hyatt EcoTrack to track sustainability metrics including greenhouse gas emissions, energy, water, waste, and recycling. These insights are important to help advance efficiency improvements.
  • We provide a service that prevents the unnecessary changing of linens to save resources.
  •  Providing non-changeable linen service for guests using guest rooms.
    * Guests staying 4 nights or more who do not wish to have their linens (bed sheets, towels, etc.) changed at the time of cleaning are asked to place the Resource Conservation Program card provided in their rooms on their beds to reduce the amount of resources used for cleaning.
  • High-efficiency LED lightning will be equipped in the hotel.
  • Promotion of water conservation.
    * Automatic faucets have been installed in the kitchen and back office washrooms to conserve water as well as to improve staff health and safety.
  • Promoting a paperless office environment.
    *We are working to reduce the amount of paper used by digitizing documents within the company and sharing them with shared files.
  • Separation and recycling of garbage.
    *Waste is sorted according to the rules of Kyoto city, so it can be recycled or disposed of in the proper way.
  • Ground water is pumped up by the hotel to conserve water.
  • Partial use of sustainable seafood (fish and shellfish caught through sustainable fishing).
  • Shark fin dishes are no longer served.

Food Loss Prevention

Bread near expiration is frozen and sold through an external ordering and mail-order site.
*The Bread ordering and mail order site is "rebake

KYOTO_P1128 Rooms Deluxe Balcony King View

Safety and Security Initiatives

Fire and Disaster Prevention.

  • Hyatt Regency Kyoto is certified to have a high level of fire safety and has the Kyoto "Fire Safety Certification Mark".
  • Implementation of firefighting training.
  • Periodic fire drills are conducted.
  • Lifesaving classes are held to train staff for emergencies.

Food Safety

  • Hygiene management based on HACCP (HACCP certification was obtained April 14, 2020).
  • Food hygiene training sessions are held regularly.
  • Obtained the GBAC STAR certification for infectious disease control.
  • Our measures against infectious diseases are based off of various leading manuals in the industry.

Contributions to Society

Local community

  • Participation in the cleaning of Shichijo-dori street on the 7th of every month.
  • In collaboration with the Uji Special Needs Education School, a program is offered where students can collaborate with our pastry chefs in order to develop products that are sold at the on-campus cafe run by students.
  • We work with various vocational schools and universities in Kyoto to provide internships that help students find employment.

Charity and Social Welfare Activities

  • Support for the charity program "kolmikko".
    *This program sells handmade dolls during the Christmas period that are knitted by volunteers, the majority of proceeds are donated to activities that support the future of children.  

Local production for local consumption

  • Where ever possible local ingredients from Kyoto are used to support local farmers and producers.
  • We develop our menu based on local ingredients from Kyoto and Kansai to help revitalize local food industries and to help people enjoy local ingredients.

Human Resource Development / Workplace Environment

Human Resource Development

  • Training based off of employee skills.
  • Staff participation in external pastry contests.
  • Opportunities for staff to participate in training at various Hyatt locations.
  • Active recruitment of foreign staff.

Workplace Environment

  • We conduct employee satisfaction surveys.
  • Well-being initiatives that provide employees health friendly cafeteria options and more.
  • Implemented programs for employees in conjunction with Global Wellness Day (a social wellness event across the world).
  • Implemented Hyatt "Global Day of Gratitude" (an event for hotel staff to express their gratitude to each other).
  • Implementation of Mental Health Day (an event to raise awareness for employee mental and physical health, it was created to be celebrated on World Mental Health Day, October 10).