Hotel Policies

Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort and Spa is pleased to offers "Dog- Friendly Rooms" with a high level of substantial equipment and service, you can enjoy your stay together with your pet dog.



After arrival at the hotel, our dedicated staff members are happy to offer dog grooming services such as a brushing, ear cleaning, nail cutting and anal gland care in the private check-in room.  When the dogs are ready, they will be shown to their room by way of a private direct access route.


■Substantial Equipment and Special Facilities 

Dogs' private shower room and dryer are equipped at the entrance to the room and furthermore, our exquisite dog-friendly rooms offer authentic vegetable origin shampoo and brushing spray, wet tissues and pet sheets for your pet’s use.  You can enjoy a clean and comfortable stay with your lovely dog(s).

These spacious 72 - 92-square meter dog-friendly rooms are equipped with tiled floors and vinyl-covered leather couches, providing a comfortable, relaxing ambience and stay with your dog.  There’s no need to worry about dirt or furniture damage.


■Special Service

We are delighted to offer quality room service for dogs.  In case you would like to go out without your dog, our dedicated staff members are happy to look after your dog free of charge during your stay, between 10 am and 7 pm. 

* Please note that an extra JP¥ 540 (tax inclusive) per hour charge will be added both before check-in and after check out to take up this service.


* Before staying and lodging in a Dog-Friendly Room:

·         Please ensure to read the following terms and conditions of "A Consent Form for Staying and Lodging in a Dog-Friendly Room" carefully.

·         At the time of the booking, please print out "A Consent Form for Staying and Lodging in a Dog-Friendly Room" and fill out the application form completely.

·         The form is required to be sent back to us by fax (+81 75-541-3209 or +81 460 82 2001) together with the copy of vaccine injection certification in advance.


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