Hotel Policies

The safety and wellbeing of our guests is our top priority. In response to COVID-19, we have introduced enhanced measures for guests' safety and peace of mind.

Hygiene and Safety Measures

The safety and wellbeing of our guests is our top priority.

As we welcome you back, you can rest assured that we are taking precautionary measures across the hotel in an effort to maintain a safe environment for our guests, customers and colleagues. Here are some of the steps that guests will see at Grand Hyatt Mumbai Hotel & Residences  taking in an effort to provide a healthy environment:

Cleaning & Disinfection

We are conducting regular—in many cases hourly—cleaning and sanitization of frequently touched surfaces and high-traffic areas such as elevators and elevator buttons, escalator handrails, and public restrooms. For gyms and spas, our teams are stepping up the cleaning and sanitization of surfaces and equipment. Routine cleaning extends to the employee areas of the hotel such as employee restrooms, break rooms and gyms.

Temperature & Wellbeing Checks

All guests and colleagues are required to have a body temperature check each time they enter the hotel. During check-in, guests are asked if they are feeling well or showing any signs of illness, and anyone with a fever above 37.5 C (99.5 F) or who is experiencing any symptoms will be advised to see a doctor immediately.

Hand Hygiene

We have placed hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the hotels—at front desks, restaurants, event spaces, public restrooms and employee areas—to remind everyone of the importance of maintaining good hand hygiene.

Masks & Gloves

Our colleagues are well-equipped with masks and gloves, and the policies for utilizing them depends on department responsibilities, tasks and local guidance. From front desk associates to housekeeping, food&beverage, culinary staff, colleagues are trained on the importance of wearing appropriate protective gear and will be taking precautions in an effort to provide a safe environment for our guests.

Knock & Go Room Service

To promote safety for our guests and colleagues, all room service orders will be delivered to the door, unless indicated otherwise by the property. To minimize contact, our colleagues will knock on your door or ring your doorbell to notify you upon the delivery of your order.

Hygiene Protocols

Our teams are implementing new precautionary measures starting from food preparation, to set-up and service. We are frequently disinfecting kitchen surfaces, and colleagues are wearing masks and gloves when plating and serving made-to-order dishes. We have temporarily switched restaurants with a buffet offering to à-la-carte menus and made-to-order options, and we intend to switch back when additional hygiene and other measures are in place.

Air Quality

To promote air quality, our engineering teams are disinfecting air unit components and replacing air filters.

International Standards

Our precautionary measures are developed in consideration of guidance and information shared by local health authorities and other leading organizations and experts. Posters are placed prominently throughout the hotels to remind guests of efforts they can take to protect their health while traveling. Across all relevant departments at the hotel, we are stepping up the frequency of inspections by independent third parties in reliance upon standards of hygiene and safety such as ISO 22000 ;2005and HACCP.

Pet Policy 

Pet Policy guidelines at the hotel:


  1. Pets should weigh up to a maximum of 25kgs. 
  2. Permits admission of one pet per room or suite. 
  3. Additional charges of INR 3000 plus taxes per night per pet will be applicable.
  4. The hotel would offer a bed, food, dry food, and water bowl to the pet during the tenure of their stay.
  5. Pets are prohibited from entering the health club, spa, restaurants, or back of the house areas. 
  6. Pets should not be left unattended at any given point in time by their custodian. 
  7. The hotel would levy charges for any destruction or damage to hotel property.
  8. The hotel holds the right of admission against any pet entering the premises.
  9. In light of any damage to hotel property, disruption, or disturbance to other guests, pet and their custodians will have to leave the premises.
  10. In light of any physical harm caused to guests, hotel associates, or themselves, the custodian will have to bear the medical charges for the same.
  11. The hotel will not be liable or responsible for the loss or accident of a pet on or off the premises.
  12. Pets are to be fully vaccinated, neutered, and chipped. All vaccinations must be up-to-date and a copy of the certificate to be presented on request. 


The following items/substances are strictly prohibited in the hotel premises:


  • Arms
  • Hookah/Sheesha
  • Poker Chips
  • Speakers
  • Vapors


Strict action will be taken against those found in possession of these items/substances.

Visitor Policy

Please note the following visitor policies:


  • Entertaining guests within the hotel room without a valid hotel reservation is strictly prohibited. 
  • Hosting private parties in the room or apartment is strictly prohibited.


If found guilty of a violation, strict action shall be taken against the accused.