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GreenSign Hotel

Energy Efficiency & Environmental Protection

All Lindner Hotels & Resorts and “me and all hotels” are certified with the GreenSign, Level 4 sustainability seal.

Sustainability has been a top priority at Lindner Hotels & Resorts for many years. We have always been enthusiastic about developing projects that maximise energy efficiency in all Lindner Hotels & Resorts and “me and all hotels”, and to embrace our ecological and social responsibility in the name of climate protection. Respectful use of all our resources forms part of our daily tasks.

With our hotel room management system, we have reduced the natural energy consumption in our rooms by around 25% and the CO2 value by 79% since 2006. As a result, LEDs, energy- and water-saving equipment and new technologies are part of our basic equipment, and continuous innovation is our philosophy. We have also been able to reduce heat consumption by 20% in recent years.

Global challenges require creative and lateral thinking, and often a pioneering spirit. We also rely on our network of experts. With GreenSign (formerly InfraCert), we have another experienced hotel partner to provide professional support and further expand our sustainability measures.

GreenSign Hotel