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In our small, fine metropolis of Ulm, almost everything is within easy reach.  From the me and all hotel, it is easy to get to know the city on foot or by bike.  All of the fun things are not far away.

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Schwörwochenende + Schwörmontag

The unofficial public holiday in Ulm. On the penultimate Monday in July, the traditional Schwörmontag takes place, on which the mayor promises to be a mean man to the citizens. Afterwards, the "Nabada" takes place in the double city, when thousands of inflatable boats sail down the Danube. The event concludes with a large festival on the cathedral square with the Schwörkonzert. The Schwörwochenende celebrations precede Schwörmontag. On the Saturday before Schwörmontag, the Lichterserenade takes place, when the Danube is lit up by over 20,000 lights.

Dietrich Theatre Neu-Ulm

The Dietrich Theatre is the perfect place to experience the charm of a classic cinema. Here you can enjoy that old-school feeling paired with cutting-edge technology. The cinema has 11 theatres, shows German and international films and also features a burger restaurant in the style of an American diner.

Kunsthalle Weishaupt

Entrepreneur Siegfried Weishaupt and his wife Jutta have built up a top-class collection of modern and contemporary art over 50 years. Since November 2007, it has also been accessible to the public in the newly built private museum. The art gallery features works by famous artists such as Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Josef Albers and Max Bill. Access to the museum is free every first Friday of the month. The same applies to Ulm Museum, the HfG archive and the museum Brot und Kunst.


Botanical Garden

Bank of the Danube

The bank of the Danube is a beautiful place to go for walks overlooking the Danube and the surrounding hills. There are numerous walking and cycling routes along the river, and the many cafes and restaurants invite you to linger.


Friedrichsau is a large park located on the south bank of the Danube. Here you can go for a wonderful walk, jog or cycle and enjoy nature. There is also a zoo and an amusement park for children.

Botanical garden

The botanical garden is a beautiful place to enjoy nature and relax. There is a large selection of different plants and flowers, as well as a greenhouse with tropical plants.

Danube meadow / city wall

Summer is best enjoyed in the meadows and green areas along the Danube. Young and old meet here to celebrate or relax, for a walk, jog, picnic, ice-cream or yoga.