Area Attractions

Instead of "My little Paris" Napoleon should have named the city of Dusseldorf "Little Tokyo on the Rhine" in recognition of the strong Japanese influence within the city. The culture, shopping and business city of Dusseldorf has international flair. For tourism, Messe Dusseldorf and large companies provide cultural diversity, which is second to none in this region.

Attractions such as the Old Town of Dusseldorf, Rhine Promenade or Media Harbour attract visitors from around the world. Also, The German Opera on the Rhine, Castle of Benrath, the art collection of North Rhine-Westphalia, Schauspielhaus Dusseldorf and other first-class cultural venues and attractions offer a variety of entertainment in Dusseldorf. Rhenish lifestyle can be seen everywhere for free - most tangibly at the carnival, when revellers celebrate and dance for days, or over a glass of beer at the "world's longest bar".

Dusseldorf city is world-famous for its broad range of shopping and fashion, especially in the upmarket street Koenigsallee, simply known as "KÖ".

Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf

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Explore Dusseldorf as an Architecture Fan

Area attractions around Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf

What to See: Gehry Buildings

The buildings are named after their architect and designer Frank O. Gehry. It is a building complex of three buildings, which was inaugurated in 1999. Remarkable is the bending face of the buildings, with its lean and curvy surface. The Gehry buildings are the city’s landmark.

What to Know: Guided Tours MediaHafen

Learn how the harbor has developed into one of the most interesting urban development projects during a tour through the dynamic and cosmopolitan district. Find out about the varied and extraordinary architectural highlights.

Where to Eat: Culinary Highlights at the MediaHafen

Roberts Bistro: One of the trendiest and most popular restaurants in Dusseldorf, with real cult status and typical French ambience, T: +49 211 3048 21. DOX Restaurant: New interpretation of traditional dishes and innovative implementation, T: +49 211 9134 1775.

What to Bring Home: Illustrated book „Dusseldorf Highlights“

Are the pictures not sufficient to give those who stayed at home an adequate impression of the Rhine metropolis? The illustrated book ‘Dusseldorf Highlights’ shows the city, its highlights and vibrant atmosphere perfectly.

Sports and Recreation

Kart track RS Speedworld

The RS Speedworld indoor track is located 15 km from Düsseldorf in Kaarst. With modern equipment and the best karts, the track offers fun for everyone. The track has a length of about 465 m and is the only kart track with a monthly route modification, which makes for exciting variety.

Hubbelrath Golf Club Land and Golf Club Dusseldorf e.V.

Featuring amazing panoramic views, this club’s two superior 18-hole golf courses are located in an attractive landscaped area in a suburb of Düsseldorf. The view is just one reason why the “40 Best Golf Courses at Rhine, Ruhr und Mosel” golf guide selected Hubbelrath Golf Club as the region’s best golf course and why GOLF Magazine places it among the top 50 in Germany.

Tennis Club 1913 Dusseldorf

This tennis club in the Dusseltal district of Dusseldorf offers a spacious clubhouse, four ash courts and two outdoor ash courts that are covered by a shed. These courts are ideal for late after-work matches or rainy days. During summer, the courts offer plenty of shade and a side opening for pleasant ventilation.

The Hofgarten

Situated in the suburb of the city center / Pempelfort, the Hofgarten is a popular destination for a relaxing walk in the countryside. Founded in by Nicolas de Pigage, it is Germany’s first and oldest public garden. The courtyard offers pure relaxation, historic monuments and modern sculptures, all providing a pleasant break from urban life.

Family Activities


The Dusselstrand leisure and family park offers 1,300 sq m (13,993 sq ft) of water adventures, a 100 m (328 ft) “Black Hole” slide, 25 m (82 ft) sport and outdoor pools, a sunbathing area and a sauna, all ensuring fun and relaxation during a family day out.

Aquazoo Löbbecke-Museum

Spanning 6,800 sq m (73,195 sq ft),the Aquazoo in Düsseldorf showcases 550 species, combining a natural history museum and a zoo

Petting Zoo in Southpark

Pigs, sheep, goats, ducks, rabbits, geese, guinea pigs and chickens all look forward to seeing young visitors in this 70-hectare Petting Zoo at the former Buga Area in Dusseldorf’s Southpark in Wersten.

Wildpark Grafenberg

Located in scenic Grafenberg forest, Wildpark is an attractive, free-of-charge destination where about 100 animals roam free in a forest area spanning 48 hectares.

Arts and Culture

Museum Kunstpalast

With its numerous exhibitions and large collections, the Museum Kunstpalast is an important part of Dusseldorf’s cultural life. The large 800-seat Robert Schumann Hall, which is attached to the museum, hosts a variety of classical concerts, jazz festivals and comedy events.

Dusseldorf Memorial Centre

Reports from contemporary witnesses and information about pursuit and resistance in Düsseldorf define this place of learning, research and remembrance. Located in a renovated historic house, the memorial also presents the “Children and Adolescents During National Socialism” exhibition.

Maritime Museum

Located in the historic Schlossturm tower, this museum has an interactive exhibition offering an in-depth look at the shipping industry, considering Düsseldorf as a seaport. At the café at the top of the museum’s tower, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views over Old Town and the day’s shipping activities on the Rhine.

Neanderthal Museum

Near the town of Mettmann, the Neanderthal Museum explores the lives of the relatives of present-day humans, showing the development of humankind. In the museum’s Stone Age workshop, visitors can touch archaeological objects and ancient materials.

Shopping and Dining

Königsallee ("KÖ")

World famous brands are attracted to the Königsallee, where the names of fashion designers appear like a who's who of the fashion scene. Besides shopping, Königsallee also stands for, "to see and be seen". You may find many open-air street cafés here.

KÖ Bogen (Shopping Mall)

The construction of the KÖ-Bogen in the city of Dusseldorf offers a historic golden opportunity to restore nineteenth century urban culture. Several luxury brands such as JOOP, Windsor, Laurèl etc. are represented here. KÖ-Bogen is not just for shopping: many chic restaurants, bars and cafés can be found here.


The Schadowstrasse is one of the busiest shopping streets, with the highest number of shoppers in Germany. The variety of brands is superb and many department stores and shops line the street and invite browsers to enjoy a relaxing shopping experience.

Immermannstrasse – „Little Toyko“

On the Immermannstrasse, the flavor of Japan is in the air hosting the third largest Japanes community in Europe. Japanese supermarkets, bookstores, restaurants and clothing stores have settled on the Immermannstrasse and in the lively side streets.

Robert's Bistro

Although the bistro is no longer an insider tip, Robert's Bistro is still one of the trendiest restaurants in Dusseldorf, with real cult status and typical French cuisine.


Castle Dyck

Located approximately 30 km west of Düsseldorf, Castle Dyck and its several baileys and English landscaped garden belong to the most important cultural monuments of Rhineland. Visit the exhibitions about the monument’s history, the English landscaped garden or about modern art.


To falconry opens after the end of March or early April, offering all kinds of shows and bookable group events. Various air shows take place from Tuesday–Saturday at 3:00 PM and Sunday at 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Due to the nature reserve in the middle of Bergisch Land, the area is perfect for extended walks.


The Neanderthal is a valley near Düsseldorf in the low mountains. It gained worldwide fame after the discovery of fossil leftovers from prehistoric man. Numerous hiking trails invite visitors to explore the area, which encompasses part of the Neanderthal territory, as well as the Neanderthal Museum and an arch over a platform.