Celebrate in downtown Denver’s most elegant and stylish wedding venues while enjoying the convenience of customized packages and personalized service to make your event at Hyatt Regency Denver unforgettable.
Escalators to Ballrooms
Ballroom Set for Ceremony

You deserve a one-of-a-kind celebration in some of downtown Denver’s most stylish and lavish wedding venues. Let our experts help you craft the perfect ceremony and reception, from intimate outdoor occasions to grand galas in one of the region’s largest ballrooms.


White Orchid Centerpiece
Denver City Terrace
Capitol Ballroom

Seating Arrangement and Room Setup

Our experts can recommend the ideal setup for banquet tables, flexible to seat 8–12 guests

Dance Floor and Risers

Take advantage of fully mobile dance floors and risers, adaptable to your specifications and needs


Arrange for convenient valet or self-parking for your guests

Hotel Room Blocks

Reserve discounted room blocks for out-of-town guests with a personalized booking link.

Wedding Planning

Your dedicated specialist is on-hand to coordinate the details and recommend local vendors.

Custom Wedding Cakes

Personalize your cake with our pastry chef or work with us to arrange your own from a Denver bakery.


Banquet Place Setting
Let the enchantment begin at Hyatt Regency Denver with wedding locations offering a range of choices with so many possibilities. Plan a dramatic formal affair or an elegantly casual event. No matter what your style and budget, our wedding venues offer the ideal setting for your upcoming nuptials.

Wedding Packages

Honeymoon Offer


Honeymoon Offer


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Terms and Conditions

オファーは2022年12月31日まで有効です。ウエディングは、プログラムに参加している世界各国のハイアットホテルまたはリゾートで予約し開催しなければなりません。オファーコードのHMOONはウエディングの資料請求の際にリクエストしなければならず、契約書に署名する際に使用しなければなりません。オファーは参加ホテルにて使用でき、会場と客室の利用可能の有無はその時の予約状況により異なります。オファーが利用可能かどうかは各ホテルの判断となります。オファーは事前のご予約や既に開催したウエディングには適用されず、他のプローもんションや特典などとの併用はできません。ワールド オブ ハイアット ボーナスポイントの獲得数は、ウエディング契約時の見積り金額(税金とホテル料金は除く)に基づきます。ポイント数は、指定のケータリング / バンケット料金が含まれることがあります。税金、チップ、サービス料、ホテル外部からのベンダー / 供給業者の料金は含まれません。ワールド オブ ハイアット ボーナスポイントの最高獲得数は150,000です。ポイントで受け取ることができる特典は、その時のアワードチャートに基づくものとし、内容は変更することがあります。    

  • ウエディングで合計$10,000米ドル使用=ワールド オブ ハイアット ボーナスポイント60,000(現在の特典は世界のハイアットホテルまたはリゾートにて最低2泊無料)
  • ウエディングで合計$20,000米ドル使用=ワールド オブ ハイアット ボーナスポイント数90,000(現在の特典は世界のハイアットホテルまたはリゾートにて最低3泊無料)
  • ウエディングで合計$30,000米ドル使用=ワールド オブ ハイアット ボーナスポイント数120,000(現在の特典は世界のハイアットホテルまたはリゾートにて最低4泊無料)
  • ウエディングで合計$40,000米ドル使用=ワールド オブ ハイアット ボーナスポイント数150,000(現在の特典は世界のハイアットホテルまたはリゾートにて最低5泊無料)

Contact Us

Let’s start the planning process! Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Policies & FAQs


A food and beverage minimum is applied to all events at Hyatt Regency Denver. A non-refundable deposit will be required with the signed contract. Your final balance is due two weeks prior to your wedding. Our menus and pricing are subject to change without notice until a final contract is signed. All food and beverage is subject to a service charge and sales tax.


A final number of guests is required three business days prior to your event. This number is your guarantee and may not be lowered. The hotel will prepare meals for 3% over the guaranteed count. Final charges are based on your guarantee or actual attendance, whichever is greater.

Can I create my own menu?

Yes. Food and beverage experts are happy to create a menu that reflects your wishes. Our experienced team will work with you fulfill your requests.

Can I taste all the food before the wedding?

Of course. A complete tasting of all the selected menu items will be scheduled several weeks prior to your wedding. At that time, we can make any necessary adjustments.

How long will my reception last?

Generally, a wedding reception is planned for four hours. You can extend the time if desired. Your wedding specialist will advise any additional costs for the additional time.

Can I have an open bar at the wedding?

You can elect to have an open bar, a limited selection of wine and beer or a cash bar. Your wedding specialist will advise you on the costs and inclusions for each.

Do you have suggested vendors for flowers, music, photography, etc?

Hyatt Regency Denver works on a regular basis with several vendors. We will be happy to give you contact information. Please contact the Catering Department for more details.

Can I host a morning-after brunch or a rehearsal dinner at Hyatt Regency Denver?

Certainly. We have several locations that would be appropriate for these occasions, including the beautiful Peaks Lounge.

Are taxes and gratuities included in the pricing?

Yes, your contract pricing will include all taxes and gratuities. Please remember, pricing is not final until a signed contract is returned to your Hyatt Regency Denver wedding specialist.

Can my guests have a late checkout the morning after the wedding?

We will try and accommodate your guests' requests. However, this will be dependent upon the overall occupancy of Hyatt Regency Denver on the day in question.

Can I decorate the reception room?

Generally, yes. There are certain limitations in some locations, which your Hyatt Regency Denver wedding specialist can review with you. Allow us to give you ideas and suggestions that have been successful in the past.