The Cloud Clubhouse of the hotel is filled with graceful while fashion atmosphere thanks to the modern layout. The Clubhouse offers specialties such as Dendrobe Health Preservation Feast, Edible Wild Mushrooms and Herbs Feast as well as life nourishing hot pot. There’re other 3 restaurants offering different kinds of local cuisines and various experiences: Veggie Restaurant, LiSu Ethnic Restaurants and HeShun Collection Old Museum.

HeShun Collection Old Museum

HeShun Collection Old Museum is located in HeShun Ancient Town, an epitome of well-known overseas Chinese hometown in Yunnan. HeShun Collection Old Museum is situated in a time-honored residence with a history of over 200 years. The residence adopts the layout of “three rooms plus one screen”, which belongs to Hui-style Architecture.

HeShun Collection Old Museum displays all the essences of HeShun, including the specialties and architecture. The private museum is seated on the second floor. The exhibits include postage stamps and coins the owners collected in Burma, showing the vicissitude of the family and the special culture of HeShun as a hometown of overseas Chinese. The specialties being worth savoring include the local hot pottery pot called “volcano and boiling sea”, pea paste decocted on local firewood-fuel cooking stove, TouNao (egg shreds plus glutinous rice cake), pollen pini cake, DaJiuJia (fried rice cake) and GanMaRou (braised meat chunks).


10:30AM − 2:30PM

Cloud Clubhouse
The Cloud Clubhouse lies at the second floor of the hotel. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Also, there’s a bar in the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse initiates “a nice day starting from a pleasant breakfast” and therefore breaks through the traditional mode, serves three kinds of breakfasts (wild mushroom and rice noodles in stone pot, fresh flower rice noodles in stone pot and western breakfast) collocated with various supplementary foods and on-site brewed Pu’er tea (from ancient tea plants of Yunfeng Mountain) and Baoshan Arabica coffee. Specialties play the main roles in lunch and dinner: Dendrobe Health Preservation Feast and life nourishing hot pot are offered. Elegant dining environment and fashionable modern layout create a fresh while graceful atmosphere, enabling the guests enjoy exquisite cuisines in comfort. 

Breakfast:  7:40AM − 11:00AM

Lunch:  11:00AM − 2:00PM

Dinner:  5:00PM − 9:00PM

LiSu Ethnic Restaurants

Lisu is one of the ethnic minorities only inhabit in Yunnan. With their own language, Lisu people have rich cultural heritage and liquor culture. LiSu Ethnic Restaurants at the foot of Yunfeng Mountain is a restaurant with strong ethnic flavor. It offers thunderous “Xiang Lei Cha” (a kind of local tea), “Tusi Feast” with fine liquor and cuisines as well as bonfire party, where guests will spend happy hours in dance and music.

“No wine, no ceremony.” Liquor is an important element in Lisu hospitality. Lisu people brew mellow and scented liquor with tartary buckwheat. In addition, Lisu people have developed special ways of drinking to welcome honored guests, including “SanJiangBingLiu”, “BuYiBuRao” and “TongXinJiu”, etc. The ingredients of Lisu cuisines are self-planted vegetables, which are green, heathy and free from pollution. The specialties include roast pork (a kind of local pig with little ears), rice of five colors, chicken cooked by fruit oil lamp, cuisine cooked in a leaf of Japanese banana, pork ribs in bamboo, so on and so forth. 


5:00PM − 10:00PM

The Veggie Restaurant
The Veggie Restaurant is located near the foot of Yunfeng Mountain and enjoys nice and quiet ambient. Combining Taoist thoughts, the restaurant carries out vegetarian cuisines with unique taste, and make it one of the most popular restaurants in the Scenic Area. Box meal and set meal are available in this restaurant. Priced at RMB 48, the box meal includes mushroom-flavored soybean, fish-flavored eggplant, prosage baked with mashed potato, honeydew pumpkin, wild mushroom mixed with black agaric and rice. The set meal is priced at RMB 368 and is consisted of 6 cuisines and one dessert. The cuisines are made of rare ingredients such as some wild mushrooms and wild edible herds.  Each of the cuisines implies special meaning, such as in the shine of the Seven Stars (eudemons), more good fortune, prosperity, longevity and happiness. Having a vegetarian meal will make the devotional journey perfect.

11:30AM − 2:00PM