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Located on the border of the Yunfeng Mountain Scenic Area, The Lost Stone sits amid the lush greenery of the mountain’s “Ever Young Valley”, looking out at the expansive landscape that spans across the China – Burma border. Balanced against TengChong’s rich ethnic culture, the city is home to a large population of the Lisu people, a Tibeto-Burman ethnic group native to the Yunnan province. Marking the symbiotic balance between ethnic culture and nature, The Lost Stone provides guests with a unique experience steeped in the historical, religious and cultural essence of Yunnan set against the scenic background of the Yunfeng Mountain.

The Lost Stone Villas & Spa

Yunfeng Mountain Scenic Area, Diantan Town
Baoshan, China, 679104



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Scenic Landscapes

Yunfeng Mountain Scenic Area

Ranked as one of the nation’s AA Scenic Areas and the No. 1 peak along the China-Burma border, the Yunfeng Mountain has been hailed as a fairyland. Spanning across 18.25 square kilometers with an elevation of its main peak at 2,449m, its scenic area boasts a high forest coverage of 99%, dispelling any sort of pollution while maintaining its clean and fresh air.. Fitted with a 1,608m sightseeing cable way, tourists can leisurely enjoy the scenic views on the way to the peak of the mountain. Where they’re able to visit the Taoist abbey build in 1634 A.D. (the 7th year of the reign of Emperor Chongzhen, Ming Dynasty), and the ever-flowing wishing spring that the local residents believe to still be active and effective.