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Discover fun things to do in Guangzhou when you stay at Park Hyatt. Go out and explore local Guangzhou attractions, or enjoy our swimming pools and fitness center at the hotel. While taking advantage of the heated whirlpool and 25 m (82 ft.) indoor lap pool, aguests can enjoy views of the city and the Pearl River, an experience that feels like swimming in the sky. In addition to the sauna and swimming pools, guests can also unwind and exercise in the 24-hour fitness center on the 63rd floor, which features advanced cardio and fitness equipment.

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Arts and Museums

Guangdong Museum of Art

Equiped with twelve exhibition halls, multi-functional art exchange hall, outdoor sculpture area, green area and the indoor exhibition area, Guangdong Museum of Art is one of the top institutions in China in terms of the variety and quality of its collection. The permanent exhibition will focus on the collection of modern coastal artworks and Guangdong contemporary art. Sculptures, paintings and pottery works will be displayed and various special exhibitions, invitational exhibitions and application exhibitions will be held every year.

Guangzhou Opera House

Designed by world-renowned designer Zaha Hadid, the shape of Guangzhou Opera House is like two spiritual stones washed by the Pearl River. Its unique shape is full of fantastic ideas. The courtyard has opera hall, experimental theatre, Contemporary Art Museum and three rehearsal halls. The Opera House is as culturally important as the Beijing National Theatre and the Shanghai Theatre.

Times Museum

The exhibitions at Times Museum are mainly research-based, experimenting with exhibition concepts and models and spurring insights through dialogism to respond to the contexts of community, region and institution, and to provide a discursive and productive exhibition platform for raising young and mid-career artists. The museum collaborates with the most active artists, experts and scholars from various fields to explore artistic themes that are at once regional and farsighted, promoting and encouraging the production of contemporary art in China.

33 Contemporary Art Center

The center has professional exhibition space and supporting facilities to promote academic research, collection and public education through art exhibitions. The center regularly organizes various art salons, workshops, experimental performances and other activities.

Landmarks and History

Canton Tower

Located at the intersection of the central axis of Guangzhou and the Pearl River Landscape, visitors can have a panoramic view of Guangzhou from the highest tower-top platform in China. Guangzhou Tower has five functional areas and a variety of recreational facilities, including outdoor sightseeing platform, ferris wheel, extreme speed Yunxiao recreation project, two sightseeing halls, suspended corridor, ladder, 4D and 3D dynamic cinema, Chinese and Western restaurants, exhibition facilities, shopping malls and science exhibition hall.

Flower City Square

Known as the "City Living Room" of Guangzhou, it is the largest square in Guangzhou. It is located at the core node of Zhujiang New Town, the new central axis of Guangzhou city. There are 39 buildings planned around, including the new Guangzhou Library, Guangzhou Grand Theatre, Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou Second Children's Palace, Guangzhou Zhou Dafu Financial Center and Guangzhou International Financial Center. Guangzhou International Lighting Festival is held in Flower City Square at the end of each year.


Shameen is located in the southwest of Guangzhou. It was a major commercial and tourist destination both at home and abroad in the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Shameen was an important commercial port in Guangzhou. After 100 years, it witnessed the changes of Guangzhou's modern history and has become the epitome of China's modern history and concession history. The European style buildings on Shameen Island have formed a unique open-air building "museum", which is a famous tourist area, scenic spot and leisure resort in Guangzhou.

Chen Clan Academy

Chen's Academy was built in the 14th year of Guangxu in Qing Dynasty. It is the largest, ornately decorated and well-preserved traditional Lingnan ancestral hall-style building in Guangdong Province. It is known as the "Pearl of Lingnan Architectural Art". It concentrates on the accomplishment of Guangdong's folk architectural decorative art. It ingeniously uses wood carving, brick carving, stone carving, lime sculpture, pottery, copper-iron casting and color painting as decorative arts. Chen's Academy is also the seat of Guangdong Museum of Folk Arts and Crafts. In addition to long-term exhibitions, the museum regularly exhibits a variety of Guangdong folk arts and crafts, known as "Guangzhou Cultural Card", and has become the most cultural and artistic features of the Lingnan Museum and famous tourist attractions.


K11 Shopping Art Center

Adhering to the brand concept of art, humanities and nature, it gathers international fashion brands and world famous designer brands, and integrates art, entertainment and dining. Art enthusiasts can book art tours, and participate in fashion, design and art exhibitions, even have direct interactions with world-class artists, local young artists and independent designers.

Grandview Mall

Designed with the concept of theme shopping mall, Grandview Mall is a modern shopping center integrating retail, leisure, entertainment, catering, exhibition, sports and tourism. It enjoys the reputation of "Asian Experience Capital".

Tee Mall

Tee Mall integrates shopping, delicacy, entertainment, leisure and business. It is a modern comprehensive shopping center with large scale and complete functions. It has a large supermarket, five-star cinema, and more than 300 famous brand stores with different characteristics at home and abroad.

Parc Central

Parc Central is located in Tianhe Road Business area, Guangzhou. It brings together many famous international brands, world-wide popular cuisine and a brand-new LUXE cinema in South China, striving to become a new landmark of South China Shopping Center.

Taikoo Hui

Taikoo Hui Guangzhou is a large-scale multi-faceted complex in the thriving heart of the Tianhe Central Business District of Guangzhou. Designed by the world-acclaimed architect Arquitectonica, Taikoo Hui Guangzhou is set to become one of South China's most iconic landmarks and a social, shopping and lifestyle destination.

Athletics and Outdoor Destinations

Conghua Hot Spring

Conghua Hot Spring is a traditional hot spring destination with world-famous sodium bicarbonate hot springs that rival those of Switzerland. It is known as the "Winter Capital of the South China Sea" and "the No. 1 Hot Spring in Lingnan".

Guangzhou Chimelong Tourist Resort

Guangzhou Chimelong Tourist Resort is the first integrated themed tourism resort. It is a large-scale integrated themed resort including Chimelong Paradise, Chimelong International Circus, Chimelong Water Park, Chimelong Safari Park and Chimelong Birds Park.

Jiulong Lake Golf Club

This 27-hole course is popular because of its serene surroundings and advanced facilities. In 2010, the course held the golf competition of the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games. Since then, it has been a favorite choice for golf tournaments.