Area Attractions

The hotel is ideally located in the heart of town, 1 minutes’ walk to Tuanjiehu Station (Line 10).  Walking distance to the bustling Sanlitun Bar Street and Taikoo Li Sanlitun. Across the street is the 1st Embassy area, nearby Poly Theater, and Chaoyang Theater. 10-minutes’ drive from CBD, International Trade Center, and the Silk Market.

BEI Zhaolong Hotel

No. 2 Gong Ti North Road
Beijing, China, 100027



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Leisure and Shopping

City Park

Chaoyang Park

2.2 KM
The major of Beijing’s Chaoyang Park is landscaping, it is also a combined multifunctional place for culture and entertainment event. The total area is 288.7 hectares, including 68.2 hectares of water area. The ration of green space is 87%, it is the biggest park within the 4th ring road in Beijing.

Humanity and Art

Beijing Poly Theater

2.1 KM
The Beijing Poly Theater, like a pearl in the cultural market of the Chinese capital city, has more than 270 performances annually since its operation in 1991. It has entertained many Chinese leaders and international political leaders. It boasts 1,500 seats, and a 110 square-meter orchestra pit, which is designed as a lift that can be raised or lowered as needed, for as many as 90 musicians. It houses 12 medium and high-end dressing rooms, and VIP lounges and box lounges.

798 Art Zone

6.5 KM
At the beginning of the 21st century, 798 factories reorganized their business while the unoccupied factory buildings have been reused as part of the art zone and the development of the art-related industry. After 16 years of development, Beijing 798 Art Zone has transferred from the original electronic production factory into an area of creative culture industries, which are merged by multiple cultural forms. At present, 798 Art Zone has become an indicator of Chinese contemporary art and a cultural business card, 798 has evolved into a cultural concept and became an important platform for communication of art and culture, domestic and overseas.

Historic Site

Longfu Temple

4.0 KM
Longfu Temple, another name is Dong Temple, built on Jingtai 3rd year of the Ming Dynasty, Yongzheng 9th year of the Qing Dynasty, covering an area of 20,000 sqm². It is a temple, lamasery originally, and then became a very famous Temple Faire among all fairs held in Beijing. It is brand new presently as a trendy, literature, and art community and one of KOLs must-go places.