Area Attractions

Hyatt Regency Zhuzhou is located in the Xiangjiang River Scenic Belt. Whether you are on a business trip or leisurely vacation, we will help you explore Zhuzhou, experience natural scenery, and enjoy authentic food and the local culture. Welcome to dynamic Zhuzhou, with its infinite scenery. Let’s embark on a wonderful journey of exploration together.

Hyatt Regency Zhuzhou

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Culture & History

Shennong City

With roots reaching back to the ancient pre-dynastic era of Emperor Yan, Shennong today is an urban open space featuring tourism, business and cultural attractions, including Shennong Lake, Shennong Statue, Shennong Tower and cultural and art centers.

Shennong Park

Shennong Park is located in the center of Zhuzhou and is one of the earliest comprehensive parks of the city. It covers an area of 322,613 sq m, including 212,000 sq m of forest and 79,126 sq m of water area. As the city’s landmark since 1992, Shennong Pavilion stands majestically on top of the mountain, 52.5 m tall with nine levels. It is considered an important site to carry forward the culture of the Yan Emperor era.

Zhuzhou Museum

Zhuzhou Museum is located in Shennong City, with a total construction area of 20,516 square meters, including four theme exhibition halls and one temporary exhibition hall. The museum has a collection of more than 50,000 pieces of cultural relics covering various historical periods.

Zhuzhou City Planning Exhibition Hall

Free admission. The pavilion is located next to Tiantai Road, Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou City. There are three floors of exhibition hall, can understand Zhuzhou comprehensively. At the same time set up a commercial exhibition hall, conference room, VIP hall, coffee bar and leisure book bar.

Liling World Ceramic Art City

The famous ceramic products of all dynasties in Liling will be gathered together. Here, you can personally experience the firing technique of Under-glaze Wucai Porcelain, which is the peak of Oriental ceramic art, the national intangible cultural heritage and the protected product of national geographic indication, and enjoy the unique charm of the representative works of Under-glaze Wucai Porcelain

Natural Scenery

Zhuzhou Jiubujiang Tourist Area

Zhuzhou Jiubujiang Tourist Area is characterized by karst peaks and valleys landform, karst caves and underground river system. It integrates natural ecology and splendid cultural landscape, and is a rare base for karst scientific research, teaching and popular science. The park has opened the Geological Museum, Jiuxian Lake, Bailong Cave, Xianren Bridge, Fairyland, Taoyuan Valley, Baoning Temple scenic spots. The best water season in the scenic area is from June to September. In October, the Hunan Rural Tourism Festival, the annual Youxian Xiangan Festival and the Youxian Cultural Festival.

Theme Park

Zhuzhou Fantawild Adventure

Located in Yunlong XinCheng, Zhuzhou Fantawild Adventure is a theme park in south China covering an area of 600,000 sq m. Also known as ‘Oriental fantasy park’, it offers sci-fi interactive activities, amusement park rides, games and entertainment.

Zhuzhou Fantawild Dreamland

Based on Chinese mythology, Zhuzhou Fantawild Dreamland creates a magical world full of fantasy and creativity, offering themed cultural zones, large-scale entertainment projects and over 200 scenic spots.

Sports & Leisure

Xiangjiang River Scenic

Jogging along the road can enjoy Zhuzhou city scenery, at the same time, there are unique scenic spots and a large number of sports facilities, is a necessary place for sports enthusiasts to exercise. And set up Zhuzhou story wall, record the development of Zhuzhou.