Area Attractions

Located near scenic Wuyuan Bay in Xiamen’s new central business district, Hyatt Regency Xiamen Wuyuanwan is ideally located for exploring the city’s landmarks. The hotel’s neighborhood is a prime shopping destination with some of the city’s high-end restaurants and bars.

Hyatt Regency Xiamen Wuyuanwan

No. 5 Ri Yuan Er Li Road, Huli District
Xiamen, China, 361006



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One Park

Adjacent to Hyatt Regency Xiamen Wuyuanwan, One Park is a 550,000 square meters (5,920,151 sq ft) high-end shopping complex with dining, entertainment, leisure and office elements. It's also home to high-end supermarket Bravo-YH and Oscar Cinema.


Xiamen Lifespace shopping mall is home to about 100 shops on four floors. Lifespace has attracted international brands, fashion and accessories boutiques, and a range of family-style restaurants for different types of diners.

SM City Xiamen

SM City Xiamen has a gross floor area of 126,000 square meters (1,356,253 sq ft) that is home to more than 500 shops featuring local and international brands.

Zhongshan Road Walking Street

Zhongshan Road is a lively and renowned historical area and a popular shopping destination in downtown Xiamen. It's the city’s main shopping street, with many stores selling souvenirs, clothing, music, books and local art.

Family Attractions

Gulangyu Island

Gulangyu Island is located to the south-west part of Xiamen Main Island. The Lujiang River between Xiamen Main Island and Gulangyu Island who is actually a strait. It is 600 metres wide and takes five minutes by ferry to reach. A year-round balmy climate and a vehicle-free environment with birds’ singing and the fragrance of flowers in the air bestow on it the nickname ‘Garden in the Sea’. There are scenic spots such as Sunlight Rock, Shu Zhuang Garden, Haoyue Park, Yu Garden, Island Ring Road, Gulang Stone, various theme museums, Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall, Underwater World and a natural bathing beach among other sites, all of which harmoniously integrate history, culture and natural scenery.

Nanputuo Temple

South Putuo Temple, dubbed a ’Thousand Years Temple‘, South Putuo Temple, at the foot of Wulaofeng and close to Xiamen University, is deemed to be the most renowned Buddhist Temple. Originating in the Tang Dynasty, the temple has been accumulating Minnan history and culture ever since. The King Hall, the Main Shrine, the Great Mercy Hall, the Scripture Library, the Wing Rooms on left and right and Drum and Bell Towers jointly form its magnificence and grandeur, reflecting the majesty of the Buddhist Dharma.

Xiamen Huandao Road

Driving or cycling along this famous sightseeing road offers unparalleled coastline views. At 43 km long, the road starts at Xiamen University and runs past the International Conference and Exhibition Center before arriving at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport.

Xiamen Huandao Road

Driving or cycling along this famous sightseeing road offers unparalleled coastline views. At 43 km long, the road starts at Xiamen University and runs past the International Conference and Exhibition Center before arriving at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport.

Xiamen Footpaths

Xiamen Footpaths, with a total length of 23 kilometers and a width of 3.5-4.5 meters. Its seven pedestrian bridges weave over roads and through park and forest areas, with 52 entrances and exits for ease of access throughout. Fourteen rest stations equipped with toilets and vending machines provide rest and refueling stops along the trail. This impressive walking network brings residents and tourists to the mountains, links the dynamic urban landscape with the surrounding natural terrain, and is quickly becoming the city’s most prominent “green” landmark for healthy living and recreation.

Arts & Culture

Hulishan Fortress

On top of Huli Hill overlooking the sea, this fortress was built during the Qing dynasty and is now a key national historic and cultural site. The fortress’ well-preserved 280 mm Krupp cannon is listed in the Guinness World Records.

Xiamen Little Egret Folk Dance Troupe

Founded in 1993, Xiamen Little Egret is China’s first professional folk art performance group. Showcasing the exotic dance art of Chinese ethnic minority groups, the troupe has received acclaim and great success at national competitions and performances.

Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra

One of the better orchestras in China, this team has performed with world-famous musicians, including Edward Auer and Midori Gotō.

Piano Museum

“Tinghai Pavilion” located in the Shuzhuang Garden on Gulangyu Island has a display of nearly 100 ancient pianos collected by Mr. Hu Youyi, including a rare and precious gold-plated piano, the world's first four-corner piano, the largest vertical piano, an old hand piano, a pedal automatic playing piano produced over a hundred years ago and an eight-foot ancient piano, among others.

Day Trips

Tianluokeng Tulou

A tulou is a unique enclosed structure, usually square or circular in shape, found only in the mountainous areas bordering Fujian and Guangdong in southern China. About a four-hour drive from Xiamen, this tulou is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Xiamen University

Xiamen University, founded in 1921 by Mr Tan Kah Kee, the noted patriotic overseas Chinese leader. Xiamen University has a beautiful campus and it was the first university founded by overseas Chinese in contemporary educational history. Xiamen University, which has the most beautiful campus in South China, offers top quality education. It surrounded by Baicheng Beach Spot, Wulaofeng Mount, and Xiamen Water Reservoir. The university owns Furong Lake, Furong Buildings, and a library in the campus, which together make the campus an indispensable place for sightseeing.

Xiamen Overseas Chinese Museum

Initiated in 1956 by Chen Jiageng, the famous leader of overseas Chinese, and completed and opened in 1959, the museum is the first cultural institution founded by overseas Chinese and the first comprehensive museum that fully and systematically display the history of overseas Chinese.