Area Attractions

The hotel is located in the core of Yantian district, east of Shenzhen. It is the first choice to stay for business and leisure in this coastal area. The hotel is only 15-minute drive from Liantang Port which leading to Hong Kong. The one-step-away commercial complex ONE MALL meets all your needs for eating, shopping and leisure. It is just a few minutes' walk from hotel to the seaside walkway. And it’s easy to get to Enshang Wetland Park by shuttle bus next to the hotel on public holidays. You can enjoy precious family time with the gorgeous beach and sunshine, explore the historic Chung Ying Street, or take a deep breath at Wutong Mountain and experience the purely natural scenery.

Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Yantian

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Wutong Mountain

Located at the southern foot of Wutong Mountain, Shatoujiao, 10 kilometers away from Shenzhen, facing Dapeng Bay in the south, adjacent to Yantian Port and Meisha Seaside Park in the east, Chung Ying Street in the west, and just a stone’s throw away from the New Territories in Hong Kong. It covers a total area of 1933.3 hectares of rich forests. Wutong Mountain has a long history. As early as the Ming and Qing Dynasties, "Wuling Tianchi" was praised as one of the "Eight Sceneries of Xin'an." Nowadays, "Wutong Yanyun" is honored as one of the "Eight Sceneries of Shenzhen" with its unique charm. Wutongshan National Forest Park was listed as a national scenic spot by the State Council in 2009.

Culture & History

Chung Ying Street

Located on Shatoujiao Street, Yantian District, Chung Ying Street is silted up by the riverbed flowing from Wutong Mountain to Dapeng Bay, formerly known as "Heron Path." It is less than 0.5 kilometers long and less than 7 meters wide. The Street Center is bounded by the "boundary stone." There are many shops along the street offering a variety of products coming from five continents. Previously, when people came to this region, they had to go to the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau to apply for a pass before they could enter this street, “Chung Ying Street" is the so-called "Special Administrative Region" in the Special Administrative Region.

Hong Fa Temple

Shenzhen Hong Fa temple is located in Xianhu botanical garden, backed by Wutong mountain, and facing Xianhu Lake. The temple is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. Built in 1985, the temple is known for its large scale in a local area. Thousands of Buddha’s followers visit every first lunar day and on the fifteenth of each month. Walking the 2.2 kilometers from the gate of Xianhu botanical garden, you can see the entire presence of the Hong Fa Temple. There are many halls in the temple each of which offers magnificent views.

Tourism Resort

Meisha Seaside Tourism

Located in Yantian District, Shenzhen, Meisha Seaside tourism, also known as Meisha Tread Wave, is comprised of Dameisha and Xiaomeisha. It is one of the ten scenic spots in Pengcheng City and a famous seaside tourist attraction known as "Eastern Hawaii." Xiaomeisha is located in Dapeng Bay in eastern Shenzhen, while Dameisha Beach Park is located in Dapeng Bay, between Yantian Port and Xiaomeisha.

Theme Park

Overseas Chinese Town East Shenzhen (OCT)

OCT East Shenzhen is located in Dameisha park, and covers an area of nearly 9 square kilometers. Built by the OCT Group, it is the first large-scale comprehensive national eco-tourism area in China that integrates leisure, sightseeing, outdoor sports and popular science education. It includes Daxia Valley Eco-Paradise, Tea Valley Resort Park, Yunhai Valley Sports Park and Dahua Xing Temple. Six major sectors, a hotel group and Tianlu mansion reflect the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.