Area Attractions

A cradle of culture for 6,000 years and the wellspring of the Huangpu River, Songjiang is known as the ‘Root of Shanghai’ where nature meets history and hi-tech. Whether you are visiting Songjiang for business or pleasure, the area has a wealth of attractions to explore.

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Arts + Culture

Guangfulin Ancient Relics Park

Local Guangfulin culture is believed to date back more than 5,000 years and many relics have been unearthed at this archaeological site. Covering 4.25 sq km, the fascinating park comprises exhibition halls, temples, tombs and cafes.

Shanghai Film Park

Step back in time to explore 1930s Shanghai and take a tram car tour. A working film and TV studio, the large park lets you explore life-size sets depicting many famous Shanghai sites. There’s also an interesting costume and props museum.

Shanghai Zuibaichi Park

One of the five classical parks in Shanghai, this national scenic spot covers an area of 5 hectares. From the Emperor Shunzhi Period to the Emperor Kangxi Period (1644-1722) in Qing Dynasty, Gu Dashen, the principal of the engineering department and the famous painter, rebuilt it on the relics and named it Zuibaichi Park.

Huangpu River Zero Kilometer

The Huangpu River has a long water source. There are Xietang River and Yuanxiejing River winding from Jiangsu and ZheJiang. They gather here and merge into the Huangpu River. After being measured by the embankment Department of Shanghai, it is established as ‘zero kilometer of the Huangpu River, which is the first place of the Huangpu River.

Family Attractions

Shimao Dream City

Who doesn’t love Smurfs?! Enter the world of the little blue comic characters in Sheshan and explore the wonderland of Smurf villages, forests and Gargamel's home as you follow clues and help Papa Smurf complete his missions.

Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden

The largest botanical garden in East China at 207 hectares, this national 4A-level scenic spot lies on an ancient cultural site of the Shang and Zhou dynasties. Be sure to visit the Tropical Flower and Fruit Museum and the Sand Botany Museum.

Shanghai Happy Valley

A national tourist attraction located in Shanghai Songjiang Sheshan National Tourist Resort. The entire park covers an area of 7 million sq ft, with over 100 rich and colorful experiences suitable for all ages. It is one of the largest theme parks in China, with the highest technological content, the most advanced amusement facilities, and the most diverse cultural activities.

Shanghai Playa Maya Water Park

A large water park close to Shanghai Happy Valley. Focusing on "thrilling" and "family fun" elements, it integrates ancient Mayan culture and modern recreational water experiences.


Jegoplay Bunny Land located in the Sheshan National Tourism Resort, as The Happiness Provider of Chinese Family, Jegoplay has achieved remarkable success by integrating global resources of play equipment manufacturers, popular IP in cultural and creative industry, family park where parents and children could have fun together.

Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort

Located in Shanghai's Songjiang district, known as the "backyard garden of Shanghai". Mountains and forests are among the national resort's unique natural resources. The resort has 12 mountains that run 13 km (8 miles) from southwest to northeast.


Songjiang Wanda Plaza

Modern shopping plaza offering stores, restaurants, cinema and entertainment. A five-minute walk from the hotel.

Shanghai Songjiang Impression City

Modern complex inspired by more than 220 brands which leading international brands, bars and restaurants, the mall gathering not only college student but also popular with the locals.