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Located in the northwest of Shanghai, Jiading is a city with a long history and rich vigor and vitality.

The 800-year history of Jiading is like a hardcover book that accumulates the splendid endowments of Jiangnan civilization and Hehai civilization. It is traditional and meticulous, yet stylish and inclusive. Today's Jiading not only has retained the cultural heritage of the ancient city, but also is a modern and new city famous for its livable ecology, convenient transportation and complete commercial facilities.

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1366 Yumin South Road, Jiading District
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Arts & Culture

Shanghai Poly Grand Theater

Near Yuanxiang Lake in Jiading New Town, Shanghai Poly Grand Theater is the first theater was designed by Tadao Ando, an international well-known architecture designer. The advanced theater facilities and the elegant theater environment have attracted many famous directors and plays to perform here. In addition, symphonic concerts. comprehensive cultural performances and other events are often held here.

Jiading Library

Jiading Library, located on the shore of Yuanxiang Lake, is a typical watery region in Southern China courtyard-style building. The gray roof resembles an open book, emitting a rich bookish fragrance; the elegant and ancient curved kiln tiles on the facade complement the glass curtain wall of the modern building, which is an epitome of Jiading's "fusion of ancient charm and modern temperament". Surrounded by green shade, the elegant and quiet library is equipped with service areas such as literature borrowing room, children's library, digital reading experience area, and youth innovation space and so on. The separation of noise and movement enables readers of different needs and ages 10 enjoy themselves without interfering with each other. It is not only a cultural landmark in Jiading New Town, but also a good place for the public 10 enjoy cultural leisure during holidays.

Nanxiang Guyi Garden

GuYi Garden was built in Jiajing Reign of Ming Dynasty (1522-1566), is one of the five famous and classical gardens in Shanghai. The garden name came from “green and pretty bamboo" in Classic of Poetry. GuYi Garden is famous for its green bamboo, quiet water, flowered stone paths, buildings in the Ming Dynasty, and poetic couplets. The garden also hosts flower shows throughout the year, featuring wintersweet and plum blossoms in winter, peonies in spring, and lotus and water lilles in summer.

Zhouqiao Old Street

Zhougiao Old Street is located in the center of Jiading Old Town. This old street has preserved the classical architecture of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and is home to historical attractions such as Zhougiao Old Street, Fahua Pagoda, Jiading Confucian Temple and Qiuxia Garden, which have witnessed the changes of Jiading town over the past 800 years.

Confucius Temple

The Confucian Temple is a spiritual symbol of Confucianism, and the Jiading Confucian Temple is known for its magnificent scale and grandeur in Southern China. During its 800 years of history, Jiading Confucian Temple, as the source of education and rituals in Jiading, has nurtured a large number of talents, including the four famous Jiading scholars "Tang Shisheng, Lou Jian, Cheng Jialang and Li Liufang” who shocked the literary circles in southern China in the Ming Dynasty, and Olan Daxin and Wang Mingsheng, the great scholars of the Qiania School in the Qing Dynasty, who studied at Jiading Confucian Temple.

Jiading Fahua Pagoda

Fahua Pagoda is both a symbol of Jiading city and a myth of Jiading history. Fahua Pagoda, also known as Jinsha Pagoda, was built during the Kaixi Reign of the Southern Song Dynasty.

Family Attractions

Shanghai Auto Museum

Shanghai Auto Museum has a collection of nearly 100 classic cars since the birth of the automobile, and displays dismantled cars and various parts of cars, allowing visitors to learn about the inner workings of cars. The museum also displays the history of the world's automobile industry and offers driving simulations and other experience programs.

Xiao Zao Cun Farm

The farm covers an area of more than 200 acres, based on cute pets and beautiful scenery, and features experience. Here, tourists can not only have close contact with animals, but also participate in parent-child picking, fishing, barbecue and other activities, and taste green and ecological farm dishes.

Malu Grape Theme Park

Malu Grape Theme Park is a grape industry base and an agricultural tourism demonstration site that integrates grape growing, production, scientific research, demonstration and tourism. There are more than 100 varieties of grapes in the park, and from May to September, visitors can taste different varieties of grapes with different tastes.

Shanghai International Circuit Tourist Attraction

Shanghai International Circuit Tourist Attraction is located in the northeast of Anting Town of Jiading District, near to Jiading New Town. With Shanghai International Circuit as the core, the attraction consists of SIC Kart Land and a variety of entertainment facilities. Shanghai International Circuit Tourist Attraction is a comprehensive AAAA National Tourist Attraction integrating international races, sports, entertainment and pleasure.


Jiading Baolong Plaza

The commercial portion of Baolong Plaza, Jiading features an innovative 'theater design concept" that allows for a more open and nature-friendly shopping environment.


Jiading IMIX Park is a family-oriented, comprehensive and experiential shopping center, promoting "one-stop" consumption and "experiential shopping services integrating shopping, dining, culture, entertainment, leisure and other functions.

Shanghai Nanxiang Incity MEGA

Shanghai Nanxiang Incity MEGA, located in the heart of Nanxiang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, is connected to the Chenxiang Highway Subway Station of Metro Line 11 to the east.

Jiading CITIC Pacific Wanda Plaza

Jiading CITIC Pacific Wanda Plaza is the eighth Wanda Plaza to open in Shanghai, with a total gross floor area of approximately 147,000 square meters, adjacent to Jiading New Town Station of Metro Line 11.