Area Attractions

Hangzhou Bay is known for its beautiful coastal scenery and delicious seafood. Nearby the hotel, the National Wetland Park is a world-famous bird-watching spot, or have fun at Fangte Oriental Heritage Theme Park. Hyatt Regency Ningbo Hangzhou Bay provides an energizing base for all your nature and cultural adventures.

Hyatt Regency Ningbo Hangzhou Bay

No.1118, Binhai Second Road, Hangzhou Bay New Area
Ningbo, China, 315336



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Outdoor Attractions

Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park

The National Wetland Park is one of the largest brackish water wetlands in Asia and is a vital haven for some 244 species of birds migrating between Australia and Siberia. The idyllic wetlands are a paradise for unique birds and bird watching at close range.

Fangte Oriental Heritage Theme Park

A hi-tech amusement park inspired by Chinese traditional culture, Fangte Oriental Heritage Theme Park comprises different themed areas, including folk legends, Chinese opera, love stories, acrobatics, folk customs and handicrafts.