Area Attractions

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin offers easy access to local attractions, dining and outdoor activities around Sha Tin. Plan a cultural visit to local temples or nearby museums. Cycle along the scenic Tolo Harbour, enjoy a big feast at a traditional dai pai dong, or simply walk along the beautifully landscaped Hong Kong Science Park. 


Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin

18 Chak Cheung Street, Sha Tin, New Territories
Hong Kong, China



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Arts + Culture

​The Art Museum, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Founded in 1971, this features a wide range of artifacts illuminating the rich arts, humanities and cultural heritage of ancient and pre-modern China.

​Che Kung Temple

Go back in time and travel across cultures through this temple built in honour of Che Kung, a great general in the Sung Dynasty. Follow the worshippers and turn the wheel of fortune three times to attract good luck.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Learn about the city’s history, art and culture through the dynamic and interactive exhibitions of the museum.

Parks + Recreation

​Lake Ad Excellentiam

Take an idyllic stroll from the Philosophy Path to the Lake Ad Excellentiam (Weiyuan Lake). Weiyuan, meaning "not complete" in Chinese, not only describes the shape of the lake but carries a philosophical meaning, “In Search of Excellence".

​Pavilion of Harmony

The pavilion was built in commemoration of Dr. Ch'ien Mu, who wrote the “Concept of the Union of Man and Nature”. Admire the scenic view where the reflections of Tolo Harbour and the sky on the pond water and the real scenery are joined as one.


Sha Tin New Town Plaza

Explore nine floors of shopping in one of the largest shopping centres, located right next to Sha Tin MTR station. From popular fashion and luxurious cosmetics to hi-tech gadgets, it is host to more than 350 shops for all ages.

Family Attractions

​Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees

Located near the Tin Hau Temple in Tai Po, the Wishing Trees are popular shrines especially during Chinese New Year. Have your wish written on wishing paper and tie it to the Chinese-style wooden racks.

Wing Wo Bee Farm

Tucked away in the local village situated near the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, this bee farm produces local Sha Tin honey which is perfect for souvenirs.