Area Attractions

Walking around Zhuhai, you will find the multiple charms of this romantic city: the scenic Lovers' Road, the interesting Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, the elegant and chic Zhuhai Opera House, and the historical Fisher Girl Statue and old streets in Doumen District showing the crossroads of history and modernity. 

Hyatt Regency Hengqin

1295 Qisecaihong Road, Hengqin
Zhuhai, China, 519031



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Leisure & Entertainment

Lionsgate Entertainment World

Lionsgate Entertainment World is a project that brings to life films through thrilling interactive and immersive attractions.

National Geographic Ultimate Explorer

National Geographic Ultimate Explorer combines and presents wonders from science, exploration, and adventures.

Science Education & Entertainment

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is one of the world’s largest ocean-themed amusement parks. The 68-meter-high Whale Shark Aquarium is home to around 20,000 rare and unusual fish, allowing visitors a splendid view of underwater activity.

Culture & History

Fisher Girl Statue

The Zhuhai Fisher Girl Statue commemorates the legend of a dragon girl who came to earth, disguised herself as a fisherwoman, and fell in love with a local fisherman.

Culture & Architecture

Zhuhai Opera House

Zhuhai Opera House is currently the only opera house built on an island in China. The building has a striking design, with scallop-like structures that represent the sun and the moon. The main theater puts on various art and fashion shows.