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Hangzhou is one of China’s seven ancient capitals and a key scenic tourist and historic cultural city, once lauded as “the most splendid and luxurious city in the world” by the 13th century Italian traveller Marco Polo. In a city that is truly blessed by nature, the most famous attraction is West Lake, which has influenced poets and painters throughout the ages with its natural beauty and historical relics, also among the most important sources of inspiration for designers of Chinese gardens. West Lake has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Lingyin Temple

Lingyin Temple is in a long, narrow valley between Fei Lai Feng and North Peak to the northwest of West Lake. The temple is without doubt a premier showpiece in the West Lake environs and is notable as one of the 10 most famous Buddhist temples of China.

Six Harmonies Pagoda

Six Harmonies Pagoda is located at the foot of Yuelun Shan (Yuelun Hill) overlooking the Qiantang River. The pagoda was reputedly built as a navigational aid and as a way of calming the waters of the Qiantang River. The shape was modified during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

He Fang Street

Located in Wushan Square, He Fang Street is an old, well-designed pedestrian street that is the epitome of ancient Hangzhou. Shops selling arts and crafts, souvenirs, and silk; tea houses; and restaurants line both sides of the street.

Hu Qing Yu Tang

Located at the foot of Wushan Hill is an ancient and magnificent architectural complex—the Hu Qing Yu Tang drugstore. The whole drugstore, featuring the garden-inspired architecture of southern China, was designed and finally completed in 1874 by Hu Xueyan.


China National Tea Museum

The China National Tea Museum focuses on tea and its culture, and is clustered around the tea plantations. Inside the museum, the flower corridors, fake hills, ponds, and waterside pavilions are well integrated, creating a clean atmosphere where visitors can feel close to nature.

China National Silk Museum

The China National Silk Museum is the first state-level professional silk museum in China, as well as the largest silk museum in the world. People can also choose their favorite silk goods from the museum shop and relax in the tea house.

Zhejiang Art Museum

The Zhejiang Art Museum is set in a geomantic, treasured site, with West Lake in front and Mt. Jade Emperor (Mt. Yuhuang) to the rear. Designed by one of China’s master architects, Mr. Cheng Taining, the museum has the style of a local ethnic building with sloping ceilings in black and white.

Shows and Performances

Impression West Lake

Performances of “Impression West Lake,” a unique metropolitan outdoor show on the most natural stage in the world, are set on the wavy, mellow, and ever-changing West Lake, ensuring that the performance appears vivid and natural.

The Romance of the Song Dynasty

“The Romance of the Song Dynasty” is based on the historic stories and legends of the city of Hangzhou, and is one of the “World’s Top Three Famous Shows.”

Four Scenes of West Lake

Orioles Singing in the Willows (Liu Lang Wen Ying)

This is a 21-hectare (52-acre) park on the southeast shore of West Lake. It was an imperial pleasure garden during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127–1279). A feature of the park is its display of many different species of willow from around China and overseas.

Twin Peaks Piercing the Cloud (Shuang Feng Cha Yun)

The Twin Peaks, located to the northwest and southwest of West Lake, are a famous feature of Hangzhou and have been the subject of many traditional landscape paintings. Neither is particularly high, but their appeal lies in their proportions and the way in which they seem to speak to each other.

Spring Dawn by Su Causeway (Su Ti Chun Xiao)

Su Causeway stretches for three kilometres (1.9 miles) from north to south along the western end of West Lake. The structure is interconnected by six stone bridges and lined with willow, hibiscus, and magnolia trees.

Three Pools Mirroring the Moon (San Tan Yin Yue)

It is another name for Lesser Yingzhou Isle, the largest of three man-made islets in West Lake. This islet was built during the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), with improvements and additions, including the beautiful zigzag bridges, made during the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911).


Wushan Night Market

The Wushan Night Market is located on Wushan Road, starting at the junction of Huixin and Renhe Roads. The market offers a variety of items and gifts for young and old. Since the late 1990s, it has gradually become known for selling all kinds of major commodities.

Hangzhou Tower

Located in the commercial core block, Wulin Square includes shopping, dining, entertainment, and convention and exhibition facilities. In addition to the world-class luxury brands, Hangzhou Tower also features a financial centre, fine dining, and other sophisticated lifestyle attractions.

Hangzhou MIXC

Hangzhou MIXC is a large-scale mixed-use development located in the city’s central business district and represents a sophisticated lifestyle. With multiple functions, including retail, leisure, food and beverage, entertainment, and office facilities, it has brought together a number of international luxury brands, as well as the first IMAX theatre in Hangzhou.

Hangzhou Intime

This group of merchandise stores includes three Intime in Hangzhou stores, namely Wu Lin Intime, West Lake Intime, and Qing Chun Intime, which feature department stores and leisure and food facilities in one comprehensive retail complex.