Area Attractions

Whether you are staying at our hotel for a quick trip or traveling for business, be sure to explore all the fun activities in our hotel or the surrounding area on Chongming Island. Meanwhile, we also provide a family destination tour consulting service.

Hyatt Regency Chongming

Lane 799, Lan Hai Road, Chenjia Town
Shanghai, China, 202162



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Parks & Recreation

Cycle Tour at Hyatt Regency Chongming

A cycling tour is without doubt a great and unique adventure to discover Chongming island. Our hotel provides different types of bicycle including solo bikes, tandem bikes and a mother-child bike to satisfy all needs.

Dongping Forest Park

Chongming’s most famous and largest park, you can ride horses, go grass-skiing, zip lining, camping, boating and much more here. It does get crowded during national holidays.

Dongtan Wetland Park

A well landscaped and large park, good for long walks or cycling. You can also feed goats, geese, swans and see scores of different birds here.

Eco Farm Park

Take a moment to be eco-friendly by visiting the eco farm park. Local wildlife, walking paths and picnic spots make this park a joy.

Historical & Cultural Attractions

Guangfu Temple

Guangfu Temple was built in the Xianfeng Era of the Qing Dynasty. Its former name was Wusheng Temple. The temple lies quietly on the west bank of Qixiao River.

Chongming Museum

The local Chongming Museum teaches visitors about farming life and the evolution of Chongming as we know it today.

The Mahota Farm

The Mahota Farm practices sustainable agriculture. It implements closed-loop systems by converting waste to resource.