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Our hotel, situated in the heart of Changchun, makes it easy for guests to visit the popular tourist attractions or museums and the nearby shopping destinations in the city. Explore all of the nearby things to do in Changchun when you stay at Hyatt Regency.

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CHANGCHUN MIXC is the second MIXC built by China Resources Land Limited after SHENYANG MIXC. As a model of urban complex influence, CHANGCHUN MIXC is committed to innovating the urban commercial pattern and promoting urban growth and iteration in the five dimensions of "positioning, products, space, services, and operations." In the era of ambition and renewal, CHANGCHUN MIXC transforms the city and brings extraordinary experiences to the city.

Outdoor Activities

South Lake Park

Park with a total area of over 2.22 million square meters and 92 hectares of lake surface, is a national city park with distinctive garden features. Founded in 1933. The puppet Manchuria period was called Huanglong Royal Park.

Jingyuetan National Forest Park

Jingyuetan National Forest Park founded in 1934, it is located in the transition zone from Changbai Mountain in the east of Jilin Province to Horqin Grassland in the west. It is a natural scenery formed by a hundred square kilometers of artificial forest encircling a pool of beautiful water. It is famous at home and abroad for its abundant tourism resources and superior ecological environment. Jingyuetan National Scenic Area has become one of the eight scenic spots in Jilin and is known as "Amazing Jingyuetan". On January 14,2011, it was officially awarded "National AAAAA Class Tourist Attraction" by the National Tourism Administration.

Arts & Culture

Changchun World Sculpture Park

Changchun World Sculpture Park located in the south of renmin street in Changchun City. It is a theme park that integrates contemporary sculpture art and shows the world sculpture art schools. It is a modern city sculpture park that integrates natural landscape and humanistic landscape.

Museum of the Old Site of Changchun Film Studio

Museum of the Old Site of Changchun Film Studio is completed by Changchun Film Group on the basis of preserving the original "Man Ying" building in 1937, in line with the principle of "repairing the old as the old". It is an artistic palace recording the origin, progress, prosperity and changes of Changchun Film Studio.

Puppet Palace Museum

Puppet Palace Museum is located at No. 5, Guangfu North Road, Kuancheng District, Changchun City. It was the palace site of the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Aisin Giorro Puyi, when he was the puppet emperor of Manchukuo. It is one of the more complete palace sites in China. It is also the most typical historical witness of Japan's military occupation of northeast China and the implementation of fascist colonial rule.