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Hyatt Regency Changbaishan

Changbaishan International Resort
Changbaishan, China, 134504



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Hotel Activities


The Spa located on Level 1 offers a wide range of TCM treatments and foot massages, international style body treatments and massages, and facials using Aromatherapy Associates products. There are four single suites, two double suites and a separate foot massage area with a total of 10 stations, inclusive of one Private Foot Massage Room for two.


Changbai Mountain, located at 41 degrees north latitude, where you can feel the vastness of the universe and be free of light pollution, is packed with bright shining stars and the Milky Way. Join us to explore a magnificent sight.

Outdoor Sports

Every hotel guest can enjoy outdoor activities such as camping in tents, badminton, archery, relaxing on a hammock or couch, and kite flying. Changbai Mountain is a cool and exclusive summer resort. With its unique outdoor activities, you and your family or friends can enjoy a secret verdant world.

Summer Exploration

Forest Exploration

Follow the Board Walk to explore the ecology of the natural forest. Zhengxi slide and the mountain cable car with its panoramic views are options that will make your exploration more exciting.

Forest Bathing

Reconnecting with nature may lead to decreased stress, naturally elevated mood and even a stronger immune system – health benefits of spending time under the canopy of a living forest. We call it “Forest Bathing”. Forest Bathing therapy highlights the therapeutic effect of simply being in the forest.

Local Attractions

Changbaishan West Slope

Changbai Mountain is one of the 10 famous mountains in China. It is among the first batch of 5A scenic spots. The West Slope overlooks the untouched nature of Changbai Mountain, which includes the Grand Canyon and Tianchi Lake.

Jinjiang Wooden Village

Jinjiang Wooden Village was built in 1677. It is said that Emperor Kangxi intended to hold sacrificial rites to heaven and ancestors, and thus, some troops came to live in this area. There are still local residents living in the 30 cabins. The cabins are handmade of wooden beams, shingles and chimneys. It is referred to as the last wooden village in Changbaishan area.

Water Park

Located in the northeast, Water Park is the first water park in the forested hills. It is a large indoor water park combining a water theater, spa, thrilling and exciting high-altitude water slides, catering and themed commodities. Perfect for a family experience, the room and water temperatures are constant throughout the year, never affected by the seasons and weather.

River Rafting

When the temperature reaches 20 degrees below zero, the hot spring water, flowing down from Tianchi Lake through Erdaobaihe town, begins to vaporize and form a lingering mist. Enveloped in rime, it is like a beautiful fairyland and a "magical world". In summer, the trees on both sides of the river begin to turn green. You can experience floating a boat downstream and enjoy the blue sky and sunshine.

Art and Museums

Saman Culture Museum

The Saman culture originated in the Changbaishan area. The true essence of the Saman culture is the harmony between man and nature. The Saman Culture Museum intends to help guests have a better understanding of the Saman culture during their visit. The Saman culture called on the improvement of self-cognition and prayer for their family and friends.