Area Attractions

Tongxiang, part of Jiaxing in northern Zhejiang province, is blessed with a rich cultural heritage and features numerous historic and cultural sites including the ancient water town of Wuzhen, Fuyan Temple and the former residences of renowned novelist Mao Dun and artist Feng Zikai.

Hyatt Place Tongxiang Train Station

288 Yuerong Road, Gaoqiao Street
Tongxiang, Jiaxing, China, 314500



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Local Food + Drink

Sanbu Hot Pot Restaurant

12 km
Located on the 4/F of New Town Wuyue Square, Sanbu Hot Pot Restaurant offers a variety of cuisine including beef brisket and handmade shrimp paste.

Lu Huo Wu Japanese Barbecue Restaurant

12 km
Modern Japanese-style barbecue restaurant where specialties include salmon, goose-liver sushi, sashimi platters, Australian beef and pineapple fried rice.

Lihua Restaurant No 3 Branch

9.4 km
Nostalgic eatery specializing in traditional Tongxiang hot pot. Try the spicy bullfrog pot, black fish tomato pot, prawn pot and aromatic crab meat pot.

Local Attractions

Wuzhen Water Town

28 km
A charming historical water town dotted with ancient stone bridges and pavilions, paved alleys and traditional dwellings with carved lattice facades. Interesting attractions include the foot-binding museum, Matchmaker’s Temple and pickle workshop.

Fuyan Temple

4.7 km
Built in the Southern dynasties (420–589 AD), this striking red and yellow Buddhist temple was recently restored and comprises the Heavenly King Hall, Daxiong Hall and Fuyan Buddhist Culture Garden.

Feng Zikai Memorial Hall

18.7 km
Celebrating the life of famous cartoonist Feng Zikai (1898–1975), the complex features his former 1930s courtyard home as well as a ‘comics house’ built on the centenary of Feng’s birth, where his work is exhibited.

New Town Wuyue Square

12 km
Spanning 120,000-square-meters, New Town Wuyue Square is the biggest and most high-end shopping and entertainment complex in Tongxiang, housing an Imax cinema and myriad restaurants.