Area Attractions

As well as being blessed with rich Shanxi cultural heritage—featuring numerous historic sites and outdoor attractions such as Jinci Temple, Jinyang Lake Park and the ancient city of Pingyao—Taiyuan is a thoroughly modern metropolis buzzing with new industry and high-tech studios.

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Local Food + Drink

Xing Hua Tang

14-MILES AWAYn drive / 5.5 km
Elegant eatery offering a variety of Shanxi cuisine including Shanxi noodles accompanied by live performances of local Jin opera.

Qing He Yuan

30-MILES AWAYn drive / 18.7 km
Casual eatery specializing in traditional Shanxi Cuisine. Famed for its medicinal Tou-nao yam, mutton, lotus root and wheat-flour porridge, created by famous Ming dynasty artist and doctor Fu Shan for his mother, and served on winter mornings.


28-MILES AWAYn drive / 19.5 km
Bustling Liuxiang or ‘Willow Alley’ has been Taiyuan’s commercial hub for over 300 years, housing stores, one of China’s biggest night markets and a 500m-long food street. Try the Dan-dan noodles, Xinjiang lamb skewers and Lanzhou hand-pulled ramen.

Local Attractions

Jinyang Lake Park

13-MILES AWAYn drive / 9 km
Opened in July 2019, the 19.3-sqm Jinyang Lake Park is the largest of its kind in northern China, offering 30 scenic spots around the 5.7 sq km lake as well as a sports park, sandy bathing area, vast children’s playground and live water performances.

Jinci Temple

21-MILES AWAYn drive / 20.8 km
At the base of Xuanweng Mountain, Jinci Temple honors Shu Yu, founder of the State of Tang. Established 1,400 years ago, the complex has expanded over the centuries, resulting in a diverse collection of buildings, terraces, bridges and sculptures.

Pingyao Ancient City

74-MILES AWAYn drive / 99.5 km
First recorded circa 800BC, Pingyao is a Unesco World Heritage site and 5A-class tourist attraction, famed for its well-preserved Ming and Qing architecture. It comprises over 100 lanes and nearly 4,000 17–19th-century shops and homes.

Mount Wutai

3-hr drive / 224 km
‘Wutaishan’ is one of four sacred Buddhist mountains in China. Comprising five flat peaks with 53 monasteries and some of China’s oldest wooden buildings, Mount Wutai is a Unesco World Heritage site and 5A-class tourist attraction.