Area Attractions

Located in the West of Henan Province, Luoyang got its name due to its location in the adret of the ancient Luoshui River. It is a historic city with more than three thousand years history. It was the capital city for nine dynasties, including the East Zhou, East Han, Caowei, West Jin, North Wei, Sui, Wuzhou, Late Liang, Late Tang, so it is named as the "Ancient Capital of the Nine Dynasties", ranking top one among the seven ancient capitals in China. The Heluo area with Luoyang as the center is the important origin of the Huaxia Civilization.

Hyatt Place Luoyang

No. 300 Zhongzhou Road
Luoyang, China, 471000



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Local Attractions

Longmen Grottoes

Longmen Grottoes is located 12 kilometers south of Luoyang. This confrontation between two mountains, the Iraqi water flow, like a natural que door, in the spring and Autumn period called "kan plug" or "Yi Kan", Sui said after the gantry.

Baima Temple

Baima Temple in Luoyang city 12 kilometers east, in the Eastern Han Dynasty start Yongping 1922 (Year 68), have passed 1,900 years of history, and one of the earliest Buddhist temple, the Chinese Buddhist statue called "Jieting "and" Release Source "and" Chi-na's first monastery, "said.