Area Attractions

Steeped in rich Jiangnan culture and nature reserves, Deqing features numerous historical sites and outdoor attractions, namely Moganshan National Park, Xiazhu Lake National Wetland Park and Xinshi Ancient Town.

Hyatt Place Deqing

1888 Qianqiu East Street
Huzhou, China, 313200



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Local Food + Drink

Yuyingfang Commercial Street

5 km
Located in the center of Deqing, Yuyingfang Commercial Street features a variety of vendors offering local snacks and dishes.

Xiazhu Lake

5 km
Bordered by multiple family-run restaurants, revel in nature of Xiazhu Lake while digging into freshly caught seafood such as wild sea bream.

Local Attractions

Moganshan National Park

15 km
Dubbed as the ‘Hamptons of China’ by Vogue, due to its notable popularity for its cool mountain air, tea plantations and bamboo forests. Moganshan National Park is great for hiking and biking.

Xiazhu Lake National Wetland Park

5 km
A national AAAA-level tourist area, the 36-sqm park features lakes and over 600 islands, connected by swamps, rivers and grasslands. Xiazhu is home to 800 types of plants and wildlife including the rare wild soybean and state-protected crested ibis.

Xinshi Ancient Town

29.2 km
A 1,000-year-old town with a prosperous past as a transportation and commercial hub on the Grand Canal. Visit ancient temples and bridges, Ming- and Qing-dynasty folk houses with carved wooden pavilions and the Silkworm Festival held in early April.