Our professional wedding consultants would be particular in every detail to give you a special wedding ceremony. Our chefs would cook delicacies with seasonal ingredients to enhance the quality of wedding ceremonies. We endeavor to record every touching moment and create unforgettable memories for every couple.

Specialty and service

Unbound Collection by Hyatt
Unbound Collection by Hyatt
Weddings at Grand Wuji Hotel, Unbound Collection by Hyatt

Professional wedding consultants

Our experienced and professional wedding service team is at your service. We are your professional wedding consultants committed to planning and assisting in your wedding ceremony meticulously. We are your wedding butlers offering you considerate services.

Outdoor wedding ceremony at the atrium

In the unique embedded courtyard, the green grassland is a perfect place for high-end Western-style wedding ceremonies. In the enclosed courtyard, the couple could indulge in blessings from Mother Nature and sunshine.

Chinese style wedding room

Every wedding room is accompanied by an independent outdoor courtyard, being a private space for wedding party. Chinese style suites are full of auspicious and red elements, covered in jubilance. This is the starting point of your lasting happy marriage.
Unbound Collection by Hyatt
Weddings at Grand Wuji Hotel, Unbound Collection by Hyatt

Customized health maintenance delicacies

Dishes at Grand WUJI Hotel feature the “health maintenance” philosophy of "Five Flavors for Five Seasons and Seasonal Ingredients Only". Our professional chef team customizes a WUJI health maintenance menu just for you. Our customized dishes, good for healing the body and the mind, add a special quality to wedding ceremonies.

Independent entrance to the wedding banquet

Independent banquet entrance is directly connected with the third exit of Tianlongsi Station of Metro Line 1, making it extremely convenient for our guests.