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"On this lovely land south of the Yangtze, Jinling is the domain of emperors and princes." Nanjing (Nanjing or historically known as Jiankang and Jinling) is an important cradle of Chinese civilization and a famous 2,600-year city that possesses both cultural and historical significance. Staying at GRAND WUJI HOTEL offers you a great chance to explore this ancient capital of six dynasties.

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Art and Museum

Jiangsu Centre for the Performing Arts (JSCPA)

Jiangsu Centre for the Performing Arts (JSCPA), located in Jianye District, Nanjing, is a graceful, spectacular modern art complex, poetically described as four water drops perched on a lotus leaf-shaped elevated platform. It is the largest modern theater in China and the largest theater complex in Asia.

Nanjing Brocade Museum

The Nanjing Brocade Museum, located in Jianye District, Nanjing, is the one and only cloud brocade museum in China and a national third-grade museum. As one of the "New 48 Scenes of Jinling", this museum mainly displays Chinese ethnic brocade arts represented by the Nanjing Brocade.

Nanjing Museum

The Nanjing Museum is one of the three largest museums in China, one of the first museums established in China, and China's first state-funded, large-sized comprehensive museum. The museum houses more than 400,000 pieces or sets, including more than 300,000 rare objects. This museum is ranked at the second place nationwide for the size of its rare collection, second only to the Palace Museum. It is located at 321 East Zhongshan Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing.

Culture and History

Grand Bao’en Temple

The Grand Bao’en Temple is the oldest Buddhist temple in Chinese history. Its predecessor Jianchu Temple and Asoka Pagoda, built during the Chiwu reign of Eastern Wu (238–250 A.D.), was the second Buddhist temple in China following the White Horse Temple in Luoyang and the first Buddhist temple built in south China. Once the Buddhist center of ancient China, this temple, along with Linggu Temple and Tianjie Temple were known as the Three Major Temples of Jinling, governing hundreds of temples and monasteries. The temple is located outside Zhonghua Gate, Qinhuai District, Nanjing.

King of Boni Memorial Park

The King of Boni Memorial Park is situated next to the Tomb of the King of Boni and has both native and tropical plants that present the landscape of Southeast Asia. The trees planted according to the seasons offer year-long green views that delight the eyes.

Tianlong Temple

The Tianlong Temple was first built in the early years of the Ming Dynasty and later expanded in the 34th year of the Wanli reign. That year Guxin, a Vinaya (a sect of Buddhism) master and the first patriarch of this sect passed away, and a funerary pagoda was built on the Yuhuan Mountain behind the temple. Since then, more pagodas have been built over time. This temple is located on the right side of Andemen Street, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing.

Niushou Mountain

Niushou Mountain, located in Jiangning District, Nanjing, is named after its east and west peaks that are shaped like bull horns (niushou) and is touted as a preferred spring outing attraction due to its beautiful natural landscape. It boasts a rich cultural legacy as the place where Yue Fei defended the Song against the Jin and where Zheng He was laid to rest. It represents a long-running history of Zen Buddhism culture as the birthplace and cradle of Zen of Mount Niutou.

Entertainment and Shopping


Xinjiekou is a famous commercial center in China with a century-old history and reputed as "China's first business district". It is located in the heart of Nanjing and with Xinjiekou Square (where a bronze statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen stands) as a landmark.

Wonder City

Wonder City is a large-scale shopping center that incorporates shopping, catering, leisure, entertainment, business and residences. It focuses on family and parenting facilities plus services, with to the aim of establishing itself as a large-scale trendy family lifestyle plaza. Wonder City is located alongside Saihong Flyover, Qinhuai District, Nanjing, the Ming City Wall and Qinhuai River.

Confucius Temple Commercial Street

The Confucius Temple Commercial Street emits a strong commercial air that combines tourism, leisure, shopping and culture. The bustling commercial street is located to the west of Gongyuan Street and the Jiangnan Examination Office, just north of Qinhuai River, Qinhuai District, Nanjing, and is at the heart of the Qinhuai River Scenic Belt.


E-park is an 80,000-square-meter commercial street block that combines commercial, cultural and recreational features and houses the first Sam's Club store in Nanjing and more than 100 stores of other famous brands, domestic and foreign. It is, located above the superstructure of Metro Tianlongsi Station, Yuhuatai District.