Area Attractions

Shenyang, a famous history and culture city, was built 2300 years ago, with many heritage sites to interest visitors.

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Shenyang Attractions

The Shenyang Palace Museum

The Shenyang Palace Museum is the only existing royal palace in China outside Beijing. The main structure was built in 1625. It is one of the most symbol buildings in the city and only 15 minutes by car from Grand Hyatt Shenyang.

Shenyang Expo Garden

Located on Mount Qipanshan Scenic Spot, which is the largest World Horticultural Exposition by space. There are squares for performance, playground, children's park, miniature world landmark buildings and other recreational facilities.

Marshal Zhang’s Mansion Museum

Marshal Zhang’s Mansion Museum is Zhang Zuolin and his eldest son Zhang Xueliang’s mansion, which is perfectly preserved former residence of celebrities in modern times in Northeast China.

North Tomb

North Tomb, in Beiling Park, is the mausoleum of Huang Taiji and his empress Bo'erjijite. It is one of the most complete ancient imperial tomb constructions in China.

Recreational Activity

Youth Park

Youth Park is the nearest natural park, two minutes away by walk. The park is covered by trees. It is suitable for aerobic exercise such as walking, running.

Shenshuiwan Park

As a large waterfront park, Shenshuiwan Park located in the golden corridor hinterland and 4 kilometers away from hotel. It is suitable for cycling sports. The natural environment is halcyon, pure and fresh.

Wulihe Park

Wulihe Park is the biggest river bank park in the city, suitable for cycling. It is equipped a music fountain, a man-made sand beach and a big plaza. It takes 10 minutes by metro from the hotel.