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As one of China’s seven ancient capitals, described by Marco Polo as ‘the finest and most splendid city in the world’, there is no shortage of sights to see in Hangzhou. West Lake is the focus of the city’s most popular attractions and Grand Hyatt Hangzhou on its north shore is perfectly placed to access them all. 

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Historical Sites

Lingyin Temple

34-MILES AWAYn drive / 10.9km
Located at the north-west of the West Lake at Hangzhou, Lingyin Temple is one of the oldest and most significant ancient Buddhist temple of China. As the largest of several temples in Hangzhou's Wulin Mountains, with its long history and charming scenery, Lingyin Temple attracts thousands of visitors and Buddhist faithful every day.

Liuhe Pagoda

22-MILES AWAYn drive / 10.4km
Originally built in 970 then reconstructed in 1165, ‘Six Harmonies Pagoda’ was reputedly built as a navigational aid and to calm the tidal bore. Ascend the hexagonal, 60m-tall, multi-tiered structure via a spiral staircase for great views.

Hefang Street

12-MILES AWAYn drive / 2.9km
Ancient cobbled street dating back to the Southern Song Dynasty (1127–1279), today lined with Chinese medicine pharmacies, museums, eateries, teahouses and traditional shops selling local handicrafts and snacks.

Leifeng Pagoda

18-MILES AWAYn drive / 4.1 km
Leifeng Pagoda is a 5-story tall tower with eight sides, located on Sunset Hill south of the West Lake in Hangzhou. Originally constructed in the year AD 975, it collapsed in 1924 but was rebuilt in 2002, since when it has been a popular tourist attraction.


China National Tea Museum

25-MILES AWAYn drive / 7.4km
Set amid vast tea plantations, China’s only tea museum details the production process, history, evolution, customs and etiquette of tea and offers ceremonies and tasting. Nearby villages harvest longjing (dragon well), China’s most famous green tea.

China National Silk Museum

17-MILES AWAYn drive / 4.4km
One of the largest textile museums in the world, the 23,000-sqm China National Silk Museum displays ancient costumes and Chinese fabrics, in particular silks sourced from sites along the Silk Road.

Zhejiang Art Museum

17-MILES AWAYn drive / 4.2km
Located on the southern tip of West Lake and houses within a striking geometric structure, Zhejiang Art Museum focuses on the collection and exhibition of works by contemporary artists from Zhejiang or who focus on the province.

Hu Qing Yu Tang

13-MILES AWAYn drive / 3km
Still in its original complex built in 1874, Hu Qing Yu Tang is a working Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic, pharmacy and museum. Witness the fascinating process from the gathering and mixing of herbs to the making of tablets and powders.


Enduring Memories of Hangzhou

16-MILES AWAYn drive / 4.2km
Performed on a stage below the surface of the lake, hundreds of performers create a spectacle of light, music and dance based on local legends. Directed by Zhang Yimou who created the opening and closing ceremonies at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Romance of the Song Dynasty

33-MILES AWAYn drive / 15.6km
Legends of the Song Dynasty (960–1279) are brought to life in spectacular fashion through actors, dancers and acrobats in colourful costumes aided by dramatic lighting and special effects.

Scenes of West Lake

Listening to Orioles Singing in the Willows

10-MILES AWAYn drive / 2.4km
An imperial garden during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127–1279), the 20-sq-km Liulang Wenying Park is replete with pavilions, bridges and lawns. Alongside willows, you can also spot magnolia, plum, purple nanmu and cedar trees.

Twin Peaks Piercing the Clouds

25-MILES AWAYn drive / 5.5km
‘Shuang Feng Cha Yun’ refers to the South Peak and North Peak, mirroring each other 5km apart. Ascend either hill via narrow winding paths to enjoy panoramic West Lake views. The North Peak is where Lingyin Temple is located.

Spring Dawn at Su Causeway

23-MILES AWAYn drive / 5.2km
Built in the 11th century, Su Causeway is a 2.8-km north-south embankment across West Lake connected by stone bridges and lined with willow, hibiscus and magnolia trees. Early morning is a great time to visit to avoid the crowds.

Three Pools Mirroring the Moon

37-MILES AWAYn drive / 4.8km
Pictured on the RMB1 bill, Lesser Yingzhou Isle is a man-made islet built during the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). On the lake, are three stone pagodas and during a full moon, candles are lit and placed inside to resemble moonlight on the lake.


Wushan Lu Night Market

8-MILES AWAYn drive / 1.3km
Bustling night market lined with stalls selling inexpensive clothing, accessories, trinkets, silk and tea. Good street food on nearby Renhe Lu.

Wulin Square

10-MILES AWAYn drive / 2.2km
Located in the commercial core block, Wulin Square includes shopping, dining, entertainment, and convention and exhibition facilities. In addition to the world-class luxury brands, Hangzhou Tower also features a financial centre, fine dining, and other sophisticated lifestyle attractions.

Hangzhou The MixC

24-MILES AWAYn drive / 6.5km
Hangzhou MIXC is a large-scale mixed-use development located in the city’s central business district and represents a sophisticated lifestyle. With multiple functions, including retail, leisure, food and beverage, entertainment, and office facilities, it has brought together a number of international luxury brands, as well as the first IMAX theatre in Hangzhou.

Hangzhou Intime

17-MILES AWAYn drive / 4.1km
This group of merchandise stores includes three Intime in Hangzhou stores, namely Wu Lin Intime, West Lake Intime, and Qing Chun Intime, which feature department stores and leisure and food facilities in one comprehensive retail complex.