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For a diversified lifestyle, the hotel offers an art space on the 3rd floor, a heated swimming pool, a fitness center and spa located on the 4th floor, a weekend market with handicrafts and a coastline bike tour with our free bike rental service, to satisfy both your indoor and outdoor activity needs.

Grand Hyatt Dalian

No. 33 C 3 Zone, Xinghai Square
Dalian, China, 116000



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Classic Arts & Culture

Xinghai Square

Xinghai Square is surrounded by some of the major attractions of Dalian that include the Xinghai Convention and Exhibition Center, a bathing beach, a huge indoor tennis court, an indoor swimming pool, a wide spectrum of quality restaurants, a bungee tower and a large aquarium. Xinghai Square also acts as the venue for many popular and ceremonial events and activities like Spring Fireworks Festival, International Beer Festival and Dalian International Fashion Festival. Grand Hyatt Dalian is located on the square.

Getaways Within a Day

Xinghai Park

Xinghai Park is a 800-meter long, bow-shaped bathing beach. Black reefs scatter over the bay, appear indistinctly as the tide waves leap. It is a good place for bathing, swimming, diving, camping, boating, fishing and barbecuing.

Bangchui Island

Bangchui Island is located at the eastern end of the beach road, a short drive along Binhai Road. The northern side of the area is encompassed by mountain ranges and the southern stretch is an area of pretty, soft sand. Since it looks like a wooden club, it is titled Bansdo, a transliteration of its Chinese name. From here, there are good views of Sanshan Island, which is often shrouded in mist. The beach here was once reserved only for Party Members and stars, but today it is open to the public.

Golden Pebble Beach

Golden Pebble Beach is located 58 square kilometers from the center of Dalian City in the Liaodong Peninsula and facing the Huanghai Sea. It comprises two peninsulas with a spacious beach in between, with a land area of 62 square kilometers and a water surface of 58 square kilometers. Golden Pebble Beach combines the elements of sea, beaches, cliffs and islands all in one place. Fresh air, clean sea water and spacious beach that extends four kilometers along the coast line attract tourists, especially swimmers, from home and abroad every year.

Tiger Beach

Tiger Beach The Tiger Beach Ocean Park hosts thousands of birds, pigeons, white whales, sea lions and other wild animals coming from North Polar with an area of 1.18 million square meters and a coastline of more than 4,000 meters. The Marine Animal Hall inside the Tiger Beach Ocean Park is the world's largest marine hall with the largest floor-space and largest volume of water of any marine park. The Marine Hall is three levels high with every level holding marine life from not just the Dalian region, but from all over the world. The bottom level of the marine park has a "360 degree aqua experience" in which visitors can experience life under the sea from every angle.

Binhai Road

Located on one side of the road are mountainous areas featuring dense forests, and the other side of the road gives way to the panoramic coastline and sea. Binhai road is a paradise for nature lovers and a must-watch attraction for all tourists visiting the Dalian. While passing through the road, you can enjoy clear and fresh air coming from the sea, as a result of which the road is often referred to as the "natural oxygen bar."