Hotel Policies


In Room Cleaning


  • Sanitization of high-touch areas using a high-grade disinfectant
  • Increased frequency of cleaning air filters
  • Alcohol wipes provided in your amenities
  • Complimentary hand sanitizer by calling the front desk 

Dining Outlets

Dining Outlet Measures

Dining Outlets

  • Implementation of a comprehensive food safety management system
  • Sanitization of tables, chairs, condiment holders and menus before seating guests
  • Placement of cutlery inside napkins
  • Use of masks and gloves by all associates when preparing meals and plating dishes
  • Alcohol wipes for guests’ use


Check-in Sanitization


  • Sanitization of keycards
  • Sanitization of counter and table surfaces
  • Sanitization of pens after every use
  • Mandatory masks for our front desk associates
  • Hand sanitizer gels for guests’ use
These precautionary measures are in line with Hyatt’s commitment to Caring for Your Wellbeing.


Check-In and Check-Out Policies

Check-in and Regular check-in and check-out times are set as 2:00 PM and 12:00 PM respectively, and guests must be 18 years or older and provide photo identification to check-in and check-out at Hyatt Regency Phnom Penh.

Pet Policy

As Phnom Penh’s very first pet-friendly hotel, we will treat your best friend as our esteemed guest.  Simply inform us in advance and we will make preparations for your furry companion.  Please note that only two pets are allowed per room with a maximum weight of up to 50 lbs (22 – 23kg).  A charge of USD 50 per day plus tax and service charge will be applied to your room account.  Pets are not allowed in public areas including food and beverage outlets, except Market Café Restaurant & Lounge.

We understand that accidents are sometimes unavoidable.  If an accident should occur, please call our Housekeeping department immediately so we may try to prevent any permanent damage.  Guests are responsible for all liability and damage suffered as a result of their dog.  The hotel reserves the right to charge the guest's account to cover the cost of any such damage.

Smoking Policy

Rooms are all smoke free and charges will apply for smoking in your guestroom.


Hyatt Regency Phnom Penh is centrally located, just thirty minutes from the airport and other city locations by hotel limousine, taxi or tuk tuk.  The hotel also offers a valet service and self-parking for guests.