Hotel Policies

Check In Requirements

A valid credit or debit card must be presented at the time of check-in. The card will be authorized for room, tax, and an additional $150 per night for incidentals.
DEBIT CARD USERS: Funds will be held as a ‘pending charge’ and will be unavailable to you. Any unused authorization is released within 7-10 business days after check out Depending on your banking institution this hold can take up to 30 days to release. We recommend you use a credit card to check-in with, and then use your debit card at the time of check-out to settle your balance.
We do not accept cash anywhere on property.

Credit Card Authorization Forms 

These forms are not accepted at the hotel for personal travel.

Smoking Policy

There is no smoking allowed in any area of the hotel The hotel will apply a minimum $250 cleaning fee to any guest room that violates this non-smoking policy.

Privacy Policy

For those using the ‘Presently Occupied’ sign:
At Hyatt, the welfare and safety of our guests and colleagues is a top priority. It is Hyatt’s practice to enter every occupied guest room at a minimum of once within a 24-hour period, even if a guest has requested privacy.

Pet Policy

Your furry friends are welcome at Hyatt House LAX/ Century Blvd.

All pets must be housebroken.

Pets are not permitted in public areas, food service area, and pool. Pets must always be leashed when in public spaces.

Owner is responsible for all damage to hotel property. The hotel does not assume liability for a guests pet or its action while at the hotel.

Pet Fee as Follows:

1-30 Nights: Non-refundable $100 pet cleaning fee

30+ Nights: Additional $100 non-refundable fee every 15 days

Only dogs weighing 40 pounds and under are permitted. Two dogs may be allowed in a guestroom, provided that the combined weight of both dogs does not exceed 80 pounds. The fee encompasses this and pets exceeding this weight limit are at hotels discretion.

Package Handling Policy 

Guests staying at our hotel can receive packages during your stay. The storage area is limited- so please do not have packages sent to the hotel more than 5 days before your arrival.

Letters: Complimentary.


Small packages are received at a fee if $5 per package. The first two small packages are complimentary.

Large Packages (greater than 30” x 10”) are charged at $15 per package. Sorry, no complimentary large packages.

Prices include receiving, storage, and upon request delivery to the room. Prices are exclusive of tax. Fees will be charged to the room.

Damage Fee/ Additional Cleaning Fee 

A minimum fee of $400 will be incurred by guest should there be damage to the guestroom or suite.