Hotel Policies


This property can currently help arrange for on-property or off-site COVID-19 testing for guests.

Please contact our Front Desk or Guest Services for more information. 



  • Testing arrangements facilitated by participating hotels or resorts are available for registered guests only.
  • Tests must be conducted during a stay at a participating hotel or resort, and no refund or credit will be issued for unused tests. Guest may be required to show proof of travel plans.
  • Tests are conducted by a third party, who is solely responsible for administering the tests; results are not shared with the hotel or resort.
  • Tests may be subject to test provider’s terms and conditions.
  • This offering, including availability and price, is subject to change at any time, without notice.

Pet Policy

Traveling with a four legged friend?

At the Grand Hyatt São Paulo we are happy to welcome your traveling canine companions for them to stay just as comfortable  as you while traveling .

Our team will deliver special amenities for your pets who will receive an special treatment.

Non Resort Locations:

- BRL 300 per stay up to 6 nights. 

Please keep in mind that pets must weigh 50 pounds (22,6 K) and under or two pets must weigh no more than 100 pounds combined

Special Treats: Bed, water and food pots and a small rug to place the water and food pots will be provided

There are restrictions on the presence of animals in certain areas of the hotel , consulte our team.

Please check with the concierge for more information on +55 11 2838 3123 or via e-mail at