Hotel Policies

Caring for your Wellbeing

The safety and wellbeing of our guests is our top priority. In response to COVID-19, we have introduced enhanced measures for guests’ safety and peace of mind. They include:


·   Sanitization of high-touch areas using a high-grade disinfectant

·   Increased frequency of cleaning air filters

·   Complimentary hand sanitizers by calling the front desk

Dining Outlets

·   Implementation of a comprehensive food safety management

·   Assurance of food safety through our HACCP certification,
    globally recognized and independently audited food safety
    management system


·    Body temperature checks each time guests enter the hotel.
     All guests and colleagues are required to have a body
     temperature check each time they enter the hotel. During check
     in, guests are asked if they are feeling well or showing any signs of
     illness, and anyone with a fever above 37.5 C (99.5 F) or who is
     experiencing any symptoms will be advised to see a doctor

.    Disinfection of key cards

·    Sanitization of counter and table surfaces

·    Sanitization of pens after every guest use

·    Hand sanitizing gels for guests’ use

These precautionary measures are in line with Hyatt’s commitment to Caring for Your Wellbeing.


Conditions of Entry - NSW Public Health

Any persons entering these premises agrees to comply with the following
“Conditions of Entry”, which have been implemented in accordance with the current NSW Public Health (Covid-19) Order relating to this premises for the purpose
of keeping patrons and staff safe.

All Patrons attending this licensed premises shall;

·       As of 11 October 2021, people aged 16 years and over will only be allowed entry into hospitality venues if fully vaccinated, along with people with exemptions. There are several options to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or exemption

·       Complete a COVID-19 check-in via the Service NSW app or provide their name      and phone number/email on entry or one member of any group attending  the venue together

·       Be refused entry if they display signs of illness

·       Be requested to leave should they display signs of illness after entry

·       Adhere to social distancing as required including at entry and exit points or where markings are in place

·       Comply with any request to relocate due to patron number restrictions in any area

·       Comply with reasonable directions from staff

.       Kindly be advised that valet parking is currently available to residing hotel guests only



Failure to comply with any or all of these conditions may constitute an offence under the Public Health Order and the licensee, their staff or agents reserve the right to remove from the premises any patron not adhering to these conditions under Section 77 of the Liquor Act 2007.

Pet Policy

No pets are allowed in the hotel during your stay.