Environmental Sustainability

Caring for the planet is a natural extension of Hyatt’s purpose – to care for people so they can be their best. At Hyatt Regency Sydney, we are taking a number of steps to help make a difference.
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A Hyatt Regency Sydney Green Team was created in 2018, with the purpose of leading the sustainability efforts of the hotel, formed by colleagues across all departments.

We use Hyatt EcoTrack to track sustainability metrics including greenhouse gas emissions, energy, water, waste, and recycling. These insights are important to help advance efficiency improvements.

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Carbon Emissions and Water

  • Lights are only turned on in meeting rooms and guest spaces when needed.
  • Through our Conserve program, we change linens every third day unless requested otherwise, guests may choose to reuse towels by hanging them on the towel rack.
  • Guest room’s lights and power operate on occupancy-based controls to ensure power and lights do not run in unoccupied rooms.
  • Our daily operational reports are used to effectively schedule heating and cooling needs for individual spaces.
Hyatt Regency Sydney Guest Wardrobe

Waste and Circularity

  • We do not offer plastic straws. Rather, straws made of bamboo are offered as an alternative upon request.
  • We have removed non-recyclable plastic bottles from our Minibars opting for cardboard, glass, and recycled plastic bottles.
  • Carafes are provided in-room with hydration stations available on all guest floors.
  • We are part of Soap Aid’s HOTEL TO HANDS program which sends critical soap to communities facing major hygiene challenges.
  • Printed In-Room Dining Menus have been removed from our guest rooms and replaced with QR coded menus.
  • We use large-format bathroom amenities to reduce single-use plastic and prevent wasted product.
Hyatt Regency Sydney Greenspace

Our Food Philosophy

  • Hyatt’s Philosophy of ‘Food. Thoughtfully Sourced. Carefully Served.’ guides us in how we select ingredients that are better for people, communities and the planet.
  • We have partnered with Greenspace and installed two microfarms in the hotel, providing locally grown, fresh-living produce.
  • Our culinary team uses ‘Hilltops’ Free Range Eggs. Hilltops farms support Biodynamic and organic farming practices and bring our guests the freshest pastured eggs from chickens humanely raised.
  • We design dishes that celebrate fresh and seasonal harvest and support local business.
  • Food waste collected in the hotel is treated using a microbial mixture that transforms the solid waste into liquid waste, which is disposed of responsibly (ORCA technology).
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Information About Our Destination

Hyatt Regency Sydney is located in Sydney’s Central Business District, in walking distance of Darling Harbour and some of Australia’s best attractions.

We are proudly committed to the Sustainable Destinations Partnership for Sydney, led by the City of Sydney Council, which aims to:

  • Improve the energy, water, and waste efficiency of buildings in the local area.
  • Increase the uptake of renewable energy.
  • Engage with regulators on major environmental policy and regulatory issues.