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National Bardo Museum

20 km
The Bardo National Museum is a former Turkish-style mansion, located at the top of Didouche Mourad Avenue. The Bardo Villa houses the Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography, one of the richest and most interesting museums in Africa. Its collection includes Palaeolithic and Neolithic artefacts and many curiosities.

Bastion 23 (Raïs’ Palace)

21 km
Bastion 23 (Raïs Palace) is one of Algiers’ most important historical monuments and the last structure that proves the extension of the Casbah to the sea during Ottoman times. The history of Bastion 23 goes back to 1576, when it was built by the Dey Ramdan Pacha as means of defence for the lower Medina.

National Museum of Fine Arts

20 km
Built in 1927 in the Hamma district the National Museum of Fine Arts is considered as one of the most important in Africa. The museum hosts a universal art collection spanning from the 14th century to the 20th century, a beautiful set of sculptures by Paul Belmondo, antique furniture, decorative art, ceramics and a collection of Impressionist masterpieces.

Tipaza Ancient Roman Ruins (UNESCO World Heritage)

85 km
Tipaza is an Algerian coastal city located in the eponymous wilaya (region), located 61 km west of Algiers. Tipaza is home to some of Algeria’s most well-preserved Roman ruins and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Enjoy a wonderful day strolling through the ruins, gently blurring into the Mediterranean Sea, then sample some of the region’s delicious fish in one of the nearby restaurants.

Gardens & Boardwalks

Area Attractions

Jardin d’Essai

19 km
The Jardin d’Essai, located in the Hamma district of Algiers at the foot of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Algiers, was created in 1832. It is considered one of the most important acclimatization gardens in the world. Its unique fauna and flora will offer you an immersion into an enchanting parenthesis in Algiers.

Algiers boardwalk “Les Sablettes”

14 km
The “Sablettes” boardwalk and its giant wheel will offer you a unique sight of Algiers’ coastline, known as “The White City”. Enjoy a day out in a must-visit place for running, walking & appreciating Algiers’ beautiful weather.



Bab Ezzouar Mall

5 km
Bab Ezzouar Mall is the perfect place for shopping and indulging in one of its many restaurants and cafés. In addition to famous international brands, a book shop and an art gallery will allow you to appreciate Algerian culture.