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UrCove, Your Friend

UrCove hotels offer guests a sanctuary where comfort and convenience are at the center of every stay.

Experience UrCove
Seamless, premium travel

Known by the Chinese name “Yifei”, meaning escape or harbor, UrCove hotels blend comfort and convenience—a brand uniquely created for the Chinese traveler looking for a sense of home during their journey.

Seek Out Your Sanctuary
Designed for every need

Thoughtful service, best-in-class amenities, and a relaxed yet refined ambiance define this guest sanctuary. Spacious rooms are designed for an ideal work-life balance that lets travelers unwind and recharge, while contemporary spaces offer dining with premium food and beverage options.

Dining at UrCove

Backed by Hyatt’s renowned food and beverage excellence, all UrCove hotels provide a healthy breakfast with up to 130 abundant choices to energize you for your journey ahead. All-day dining service and a selection of takeaway items including light meals, ice cream, and craft beer are available for you to recharge anytime during the day. Whatever the purpose of your stay, UrCove hotels are here to help you to make the best of it.