Play Through Your Stay With Hyatt Resorts Toy Box

Traveling with children can be a challenge, especially when it requires leaving favorite toys at home. To keep your children entertained and in their element, Hyatt has partnered with the Toy Tips Research Institute - an independent group that provides unbiased research reviews and toy report cards - to help us select an assortment of toys and games that are easy to use, fun and educational for our “youngest” guest to enjoy while they are visiting the resort.

Filled with an assortment of age-appropriate toys and games for children age toddler to tween, the Hyatt Resort Toy Box has everything a family needs to make their vacation enjoyable. Toys were carefully chosen based on age, educational value, and special circumstances. Each toy also features a "scorecard" that combines Toy Tips researchers' observation of enjoyment and development skills. Each researcher uses an original survey written by psychologists so results are accurate, independent and academic. The total score is weighted and calculated into an A through C- rating scale and Toy Tips only reports on toys with these ratings.

Upon arrival at a participating Hyatt resort in U.S. and Caribbean, families can review a Toy Box book which lists 24 toys available for check-out during their stay. From LEGO® to Tonka trucks to board games, toys are available for four different age groups, including toddler, preschool, school age, and tween as well as a whole category for families of all ages. Once returned, toys are thoroughly inspected for any broken pieces and are then cleaned with a non-toxic cleaner before it is checked out by the next guest.
Available toys include:

Toddler Toys

Preschool Toys

School-Age Toys

Tween Toys

Family Toys

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A portion of the rate for this offer may reflect taxes, service charges, gratuities, and third-party charges for certain included items, and those costs are not eligible for Hyatt Gold Passport® points.