Visitors to who are interested in pursing career opportunities within the United States, Canada and the Caribbean can review and apply for job openings listed in an online jobs database. Visitors can also forward job descriptions that they believe would be of interest to others by e-mail. If you elect to proceed, you will be seamlessly linked to a web site maintained by Taleo Inc. of San Francisco, California ("Taleo") from their facility in Montreal, Canada. As we are not responsible for the content, data collection or privacy policies of Taleo, we urge you to read the privacy and security policies of Taleo before providing any personal information.
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Taleo Privacy Policy
If you choose to apply online for a posted job on the Taleo web site, you will be required to provide your name, address and home telephone number and to complete a Questionnaire that is specific to the job for which you apply. Your responses to the Questionnaire will be used in evaluating your qualifications for that position. While not required in order to complete the online application process, you will also be asked to provide your work telephone number, Social Security Number and information concerning your educational background, previous work experience (you will even have the opportunity to copy your resume into our electronic form) and your gender and racial/ethnic origin (which will be used only for the purposes of satisfying government reporting regulations). At the beginning of the application process, you will be asked to provide your e-mail address. If you do not have an e-mail address or don't wish to provide one, you can still apply online for a posted position by following the instructions concerning how to create a non-active address, which is required based on the current functionality of the Taleo database.
The personal information that you submit to Taleo while online may be accessed and down-loaded by the Human Resources professionals of Hyatt International Corporation, Hyatt Hotels Corporation and at the various Hyatt Hotels & Resorts located throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean through a secured connection to the Taleo database and used for evaluating your qualifications for the job for which you have applied and other jobs that may suit your experience and qualifications, provided you indicate a desire to be notified about other positions. In addition, the provisions of this policy relating to use of information apply to any information that may be accessed or downloaded by Hyatt from the Taleo database.
Use Of Personal Information
If you want to update the information previously submitted to Taleo at a later date, you will need to remember the e-mail address that you create or provide and the password that you will be asked to create at the end of the online submission process. While you may remove your application from further consideration, once an application is made, it cannot be removed. You will also be given the opportunity to indicate whether you would like to receive e-mail about career opportunities that correspond to your profile. If you subsequently decide you no longer want to receive e-mails concerning other career opportunities, you can remove yourself from consideration by either going back to your Taleo profile and deselecting that option or by clicking on a link that will appear in all e-mails sent to you concerning other career opportunities.