Thomsons Restaurant

Unfettered Flavour

A meal at Thomsons is satisfying on so many levels because of the restaurant's refined simplicity. The freshest local ingredients combine in classic dishes with just enough of the unexpected to perfectly round out each bite.

A great deal of thought goes into each plate we serve. We ensure the ingredients take centre stage by juxtaposing contrasting flavours so that each has an influence on the taste without overpowering. It's a subtle balance that each item on the menu achieves with memorable results.

Thomsons serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with a casual sophistication. Each meal is presented with effortless style to the Hyatt's uncompromising standards.

Our daily specials and seasonal additions to the menu highlight farm-fresh ingredients and play on current inspirations. We are currently featuring a Taste of Canada selection that features classic Canadian ingredients with a creative twist. Taste of Canada dishes are paired with a glass of complementing Canadian wine.

We welcome you to join us as you start your day, pause for lunch or linger over dinner.